1967 Porsche SWB 911R Outlaw Found in New York

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1967 Porsche SWB 911R

Here is a¬†1967 Porsche SWB 911R Outlaw for sale in Long Beach, New York. ¬†Extremely well documented multi-year rotisserie restoration by Lars “Speedo” Waldner, this fabulous car started life as a donor 1967 SWB shell, transformed with extensive restorative metalwork and the precise selection of parts for speed and lightness. Finish work and styling was completed by yours truly, including over 20k in recent upgrades including final tuning by Dave Hammer at Werks1 in Sea Cliff NY.

This car has approximately 2,500 miles on the chassis and motor since the build, and fires right up, run strong, and is as precise as a scalpel in the hands of a surgeon. It was built to look as if it had always been, so although it’s super clean and certainly well executed, it does “feel” like a car with some patina and use. It’s a car you can run hard and enjoy and it draws attention wherever it goes without looking like something that should sit unused in a garage. You would be proud to take it to the local hang, or drive it to Treffen

Make no mistake; this is a outlaw style coupe distilled to the essence of Porsche. It’s a bit loud, it’s a bit harsh and it’s far too much fun. No nannies, No backdating, no radio. Pure short wheelbase goodness.

Odometer: 2,500 Miles

VIN 461432

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