1966 Porsche 912 Vintage Race Car

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1966 Porsche 912 Vintage Race Car


Spotted in Colorado Springs is a 1966 Porsche 912 Vintage Race Car for $39,995 USD.   This is a non-sunroof coupe that has been raced for many years.   It has campaigned in PCA and Rocky Mountain Vintage Racing by an ex-Navy pilot.   It was built and refined to be a reliable car – not a hand grenade. On tight tracks, it can still give many 911s a serious run for the money. With the theme of reliability, the engine was built with Weber 40 IDF Carbs, header with custom ‘stinger’ Supertrapp muffler. It runs 3 oil coolers – the stock one in the doghouse, an additional one in the engine bay, and another behind the driver’s headlight. The cam and valve train is mild, so the power band is broad, and there isn’t the danger of valve problems like with radical cams. This can be run for an enduro in 100 degree heat with no problems.   The transmission is a close ratio 912 box that has a slightly lower 5th gear to make it about 500rpm closer to 4th for track use. Koni shocks, sway bars, etc.  The paint and cosmetics are very good, even more so when you consider it’s a race car that’s been used. It doesn’t have nor has ever had any rust issues. It had fiberglass front and rear bumpers and rear decklid with 911R hinges. It weighs 1925lbs, with all glass windows – original Sekurit except for the windshield, so it could be MUCH lighter with some lexan and more fiberglass!

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Price $39,995 USD

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Chassis set up for racing by German Motorcraft in 1991
Car maintained by German Motorcraft since built for racing
Car painted “Wimbledon White” in 1998
Blue vinyl stripes in 2003
Vinyl numbers in 2005
Registered Vintage Racer, RMVR number 480, E Production
Registered for street with collectible plates

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Chassis and Suspension
Fiberglass front bumper
Fiberglass rear bumper with stock exhaust cutout
Fiberglass engine lid
Light-weight, aluminum engine lid hinges
Billet aluminum hood pin (blue) for engine lid
Removable driver and passenger windows and frames
Front 21mm Weltmeister torsion bar
Rear Porsche turbo 26mm torsion bar
Front sway bar – Weltmeister 19mm
Rear sway bar – factory 18mm
Tow hook mounted to the front suspension and marked by red vinyl arrow/”tow”
Koni adjustable Classic shocks, (4) set @ full stiffness
6″ x 15″ Cookie Cutter wheels (5)
205/50ZR15 GF Goodrich, g-Force R1 (4)
Front end: -1.5 degree camber, 1/16 inch toe-in, 5.5 degree caster
Rear end: -2.5 degree camber, 1/16 inch toe-in
8-gal JAZ fuel cell – special mount locating cell forward
Pierburg rotary fuel pump, relocated forward, adjacent to fuel cell with filters both sides
Bosch 030 fuel filter (2) on both sides of fuel pump, located forward next to fuel cell
ATE 19mm dual brake master cylinder
Stainless steel brake lines
Titanium-backed brake pads (front)
Turbo tie-rod ends
Lightened solid engine mount
New, light-weight horn grills (2)
Competition roll bar with padding
Floor-mounted Kidde fire extinguisher
Grant GT 13″ steering wheel
g-Force 5-point harness belts (2 sets), manufactured June 2013
Corbeau Forza racing seats (2), adjustable, blue
Extra Gauges installed – VDO oil pressure, oil temperature, and voltmeter


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Electrical and Ignition System
Battery cut-off switch and cable
Battery relocated forward on aluminum framing
Bosch voltage regulator
Bosch 050 ignition distributor
Beru ignition wire set
Crane XR700 ignition system, plus coil with electronic points

Transmission and Clutch
Transmission rebuilt 2006
New 5th gear ratio – V
Aluminum 911S racing clutch and pressure plate
Lightened flywheel and new seal
New clutch cable


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1968 Core – #4094548, rebuilt 2011
86mm big bore NPR pistons and cylinders
¾ race cam, #86 grind
Cylinder heads reconditioned with 1mm milling to raise compression
3-angle valves with new valve guides
Competition lifters and springs
Intake ports matched to intake manifolds
Reciprocating parts balanced to 1/10 gm
4″ aluminum power pulley
New 16-blade fan
External 5″ x 13″ radiator oil cooler mounted underneath engine grill
19-row 12AN 235mm oil cooler mounted behind open left headlight bowl
Aluminum, light weight oil cooler in doghouse
Bosch SR17X starter installed 2013
Racing tuned exhaust header
Header-wrapped exhaust with stainless steel safety wire
Stainless 4″ Super Trapp exhaust
Mechanical fuel pump removed and sealed
Weber 40mm IDF carbs with manifolds and velocity stacks, rebuilt 2011
30mm venturies
Main jets set @ 140-142
EMPI tall K&N air cleaners with billet hats
New accelerator pull rod with metal encased rod link
Powder-coated tin wear


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