1966 Patriarca 3000 GTS Found in Italy

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Spotted for sale in Compli, Italy is a 1966 Patriarca 3000 GTS

Patriarca 3000 GTS 1966. Prototype built by Bruno Patriarca in 1966 

2/3 seats with very large passenger compartment, V6 engine with light alloy monobloc and head and cast iron barrels of the #lanciaflaminiazagagato 2800 mounted at the rear.

Powered by three twin-barrel carburettors, maximum torque and power develop at rather low revs, 3500 and 5500 rpm, the top speed is 240 km/h. From the Bruno flagship he also takes over the four-speed gearbox, the differential and again the #dunlop 4-disc braking system, while the steering comes from #porsche911 while the chassis of which Patriarca junior is the master, is in large tubes at chrome-molybdenum, with #dedion type suspension with torsion bar and the front with non-deformable triangles.

To this creation Mino D'Amato, the journalist destined for a great career, dedicates an article in La Luna - sport and indeed for its originalities the GT looks like something extraterrestrial.
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