1964 Ducati Falcon for $3,200

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Spotted for sale in California is a 1964 Ducati Falcon for $3,200

This is a very rare Ducati Falcon, the 80cc model also known as the Super-Falcon. This particular bike has an interesting history and has won awards in the past few years. It is alleged that it was kept from new in the back of a motorcycle dealership and used for parts when needed. It was finally purchased by the previous owner back in 2005 and put back to original piece by piece.
I purchased her early last year for a collection that I am now in the process of liquidating. I used the bike as a static art piece in my entry way for a year until I took possession of a new house that doesn’t have space for my collection (according to my wife…).
The previous owner stated that she started, ran and rode well. I’ve never even put gas in. But I’ve tested the compression and it is very good. The transmission is a rare 3 speed twist grip, similar to a Vespa from the same era, and the action is very crisp.
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