1963 Maserati 3500GT Sebring Series II

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1963 Maserati 3500GT Sebring Series II

Sold at Coys Auction for $231,174.91 USD

These cars were made as Coupes and Convertibles between 1957 and 1964.   It was Maserati’s first successful attempt at a Gran Turismo market.

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From Auction:

At the 1957 Geneva Show, Maserati presented its first production road car. Named the 3500 GT, it was an elegant aluminium bodied coupe by Touring of Milan, powered by a detuned version of the 350S competition unit of 1956. The 3500 GT turned out to be a great success, and, in 1962, an updated version known as the Sebring was introduced.  This car had a shorter wheelbase, based on that of the 3500 GT Spyder, whilst fuel injection was now standard, bringing power up to 235 BHP and top speed to 140 mph.

Coachwork was now by Vignale, who designed a particularly svelte and elegant @+2 coupe of pleasing proportions.  This lost some of its attraction in 1964 with the advent of the more angular Sebring Series II, so it is the prettier first series cars that are today more sought after by the enthusiast.

This wonderful Maserati Sebring has been restored thoroughly and is beautifully presented in dark blue with its original Bordeaux – red leather interior which is undoubtably one of the best combinations.

These are rare sports cars and only 234 were built compared to some its Italian rivals, these are relatively good value.  It is now equipped with the desirable twin Webers and has the  necessary historic TÜV. A truly great sports car which has masculine looks and appeal with exciting performance to match.

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