1962 Porsche 356 Super 90: Restoration Project

1962 Porsche 356 Super 90: Restoration Project

Location: San Diego

1.6 L Type 616/7 B4 (1600 Super 90)

Seller: Copart

As of 12/13/16:  Current Bidding $18,900   10 days left on Auction

This Porsche 356 super 90 was in a bad front end collision.   Its has a salvage title but I think there are enough Porsche Enthusiasts out there that will want to put it back together.   There are no pictures of the engine or indication that its a matching numbers car but its still a very valuable car when restored.


porsche-1962-356-super-90-2 porsche-1962-356-super-90-3 porsche-1962-356-super-90-4 porsche-1962-356-super-90-5 porsche-1962-356-super-90-6 porsche-1962-356-super-90-7 porsche-1962-356-super-90-8

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