1962 Porsche 356 Project for Sale in Vacaville: VIN 117930

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1962 Porsche 356 Project for Sale in Vacaville

Location: Vacaville, Ca
Price: $4,500 US Dollars

This maybe the ultimate basketcase project.   Kudos to anyone that can get this back on the road.   In the seller’s own words, this is “Fucked Up but it has a VIN#.”  Haha thats funny!   Seller also states this car was parted out and sat for many years.  It was hit on the left front corner and left to rot.    There should be plenty of interest from overseas enthusiasts where cars like this with an intact VIN can be brought back to life.   Years ago there was a Porsche Speedster wreck worst than this that was purchased for $15,000 US Dollars solely for the VIN number and sent abroad to eastern Europe.

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Contact:  (707) 689-0138
Seller: Jay

VIN #  117930


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