1960 Mercedes 300SL Roadster Fitted Luggage

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1960 Mercedes 300SL Roadster Fitted Luggage

This sold at Coy’s Auction in Juchen, Germany

Sold for $1,719 USD

You dont see fitted luggage available for sale often.   I would think this is a must for an owner of a 300SL roadster.


From Auction Ad:
Clearly the 300SL Coupé would be a hard act to follow, yet the Roadster version, introduced just three years later, succeeded in bettering its closed cousin’s already exemplary road manners. Built with conventional doors, the 300SL Roadster was first exhibited at the Geneva Salon in May 1957 and was an immediate hit with the 1950s ‘jet set’ including royalty, actors and socialites. The production of an open 300SL involved altering the cockpit area, where the spaceframe was redesigned to permit lower sills for improved access. At the same time the rear suspension was changed to incorporate low-pivot swing axles.
The 300SL Roadster sold well for a car that cost more than a Ferrari 250GT California Spyder, and would out-live the 300SL Coupé by several years. Roadster production ceased in 1963 after 1,858 cars had been built, and today the model is both rare and highly sought after.
Coming from the ownership of a well-known collector and classic car enthusiast, this is a matching set of fitted luggage produced in period for the Mercedes 300SL Roadster. Finished in black leather with a contrasting red and cream tartan lining, this set is the perfect accessory for touring or weekends away.

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