1959 Porsche Convertible D For Sale in Tempe

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1959 Porsche Convertible D For Sale
Location: Tempe, Arizona
1 of 1331 units produced.
Body by Drauz
The official Porsche Certificate of Authenticity is included

There was a dark blue Convertible D that we reported on a few months ago  for $130k.  That car had some issues to deal with but was a good restoration project.   This car in Tempe, Arizona is a fully restored example that is ready to enjoy.   The Convertible D was only made for 1 year and this is 1 of 1331 examples produced.   These were the successor to the Porsche 356 Speedster and designed to be more driver friendly.   The D had a 3 1/2 ” taller windscreen, roll up windows, larger rear window, and coupe seats.   This car  seems to have everything done to show level.  Its pretty impressive and worth looking at for a serious collector looking to acquire one.


VIN 86511
Price $230,000 US Dollars

Contact  Tony Ritz

Phone (602) 228 -8055

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1. The body/chassis enjoyed a 2+ year total restoration at the hands of the late Wayne Obry, at Motion Products, Inc. of Neenah, Wisconsin, a globally recognized restoration facility known for 100 point concours Ferraris and other marques at Pebble Beach and other venues. The panel fit, shut lines, restoration processes and paint are all exemplary and documented. The body, finished inside and out in the subtle, Porsche #5705, Fjord Green, highlights the superb craftsmanship exhibited throughout this example. (A complete dossier of color build photos are available on request and included in the sale, illustrating the level and scope of this restoration.)

2. The engine, built by noted Porsche 4 cam builder, Richardson Restorations of Phoenix, Arizona, is an upgraded Porsche 616/36 912 engine with the rugged and desirable counterbalanced crankshaft and +.030″ pistons and cylinders. The engine, assembled and balanced with all premium components, makes for a spirited, reliable, balanced, power plant with ample horse power. (An original, period correct, disassembled SUPER engine, # 84465 is included with the sale.)

3. The 6 volt electrical system was also upgraded to 12 volts for several reasons. The first being reliability. 12 volts provides the quick starting and electrical storage capacity for today’s driving conditions. The second is safety. With 12 volts the headlamps, tail and stop/turn lamps are now bright enough to be visible at night or in emergency stopping scenarios.

4. Front disc brakes by CSP (Custom Speed Parts) have been integrated into the braking system and allow for predictable and precise, non fading brake application in any situation. This premium disc brake conversion allows the use of the original wide bolt pattern 356-A road wheels and hub caps. This disc brake set up is also approved by TUV/MOT. (original drum brake components included in the sale, plus 4 date coded, painted road wheels.)


This Convertible D was entered in Porsche Cars, N.A. (Porsche AG) sponsored concours events in the early 1990’s where it scored admirably in the upper 90 percentile, overall, in the judges opinions. Detailed results available on request.

Since these Porsche Club outings, this Convertible D has been held in a private collection in a heated and air-conditioned environment, in sunny, dry Arizona, and never exposed to inclement weather. It has been rigorously maintained, driven on special occasions, when weather conditions permit. It has always been a conversation starter and head turner. This Porsche is well sorted, provides an exhilarating driving experience and will not disappoint. This Porsche Convertible D has logged only 2371 miles since the restoration was completed.

In August of 2001, this convertible D was viewed and inspected by Oliver Porsche at a Mid West Porsche Parade where he showed sincere interest in purchasing the car for his wife. After returning to Stuttgart and discussing the car, his wife opted for a later model in favor of more safety features and creature comforts. This is documented in a letter, on Porsche Design letter head, from Mr. Porsche, indicating that although this was “a more than exciting car”, they had decided against the purchase. (The original signed, letter will be included in the sale)

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