1957 Red BMW Isetta 300

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Spotted for sale is a 1957 Red BMW Isetta 300 for $35,000

1957 BMW Isetta300 Sliding Windows. Microcar, also known as a Bubble Car.

It is a one cylinder, 300 cc, 4 speed manual transmission, rear wheel drive.
It has the canvas sunroof and it is a one door in front.

This vehicle is complete and original, including many of the accessories originally offered. But it has received some upgrades like modern headlights, added 3rd brake light, side parking and turning lights, and relays to protect the wiring. These upgrades were made to make the car more visible and safer.

It is running and everything works. It has 4,852 original miles on it, mostly because all these little microcars were never driven much. I’ve only taken it to a couple of car shows in the past 20 years.
Obviously by being a 65 years old vehicle with technologies from the late 40’s and beginning of the 50’s, it requires continual adjustments and lubrication here and there. But it runs without any smoke.
The paint is a little faded, it has small nicks and dents accumulated over the years, but no rust , and the upholstery is old but no tears.

I also have two boxes with spare parts, some used, some new, including a complete set of side and rear windows (glass), and new parts to rebuild the engine if needed, plus suspension, steering and more. Those parts are an extra $ 5,000.

With a new paint and new upholstery this car is worth around 45,000-50,000 dollars.
I am asking 35,000 or best offer because of the faded paint.
This means anyone who paint it can make a 15k difference, unfortunately I don’t have the time at this point and need to sell it asap.

It grabs people’s attention whenever it goes and people always smile when seeing it. It is fun to drive and also a great investment as these little cars are very rare, so their price is always going up. I will be sad to see it go, but a family situation forces me to sell it asap.

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