1957 Porsche Speedster Sold for $605,000 at Hilton Head Island

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1957 Porsche Speedster Sold for $605,000 at Hilton Head Island
Auctions America 11/6/2016

The Auction estimate was between $200,000 and $250,000 but the final bid reached $605,000 US Dollars!

This car has been considered in almost near perfect condition.  It is truly a time capsule.  It has been stored in a suburb of Chicago since 1975.   There is minor rust around the battery box which is one of the first places to find rust.

It was purchased in May of 1957 and racked up 25,000 miles form 1957 to 1975.   The original owner passed away 5 years ago and a family friend purchased the car from the estate.  The car has the original paperwork.

Aquamarine Blue Metallic Paint

US Spec bumpers and headlights

Optional coupe seats in place of the lightweight speedster seats

Original Owner’s manual , spare tire, and jack included

This speedster was found 4 hours from Chicago in Hoopeston, Illinois.   It was purchased in Shakesspare Motors.   The original owner John Casper gave a $50 deposit on May 31, 1957.   There is a document showing the sticker price of  $3,502 US Dollars for the Speedster.   There is also documentation of John returning on June 6th , 1957 to pay the remaining balance of the car.   John loved his speedster and was found to attend many Porsche Club of America events.   What an incredible story!



The Porsche Certificate of Authenticity shows this Porsche was completed on March 5, 1957. It was finished in Aquamarine Blue Metallic (5607) with a Beige Leatherette interior. Optional equipment included USA bumpers, sealed beam headlights and Coupe seats in place of the Speedster seats. It is also fitted with a Raydyot fender-mounted mirror. Today the car retains its original paintwork with no re-spraying or body work appearing to have been done.





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