1955 500 Mondial Series II Engine

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500 Mondial Series II Engine

Spotted for sale is a 1955 500 Mondial Series II Engine for $129,500. Ferraris-Online.com has this engine rare engine for sale. This engine came from an amazing selection of original and well documented parts that came from the Luigi Chinetti NART Team inventory. In 1977 the Chinetti and NART parts inventory was sold to Will Haible in San Leando, California. Will Haible also acquired a selection of panels and parts from Stephen Griswold’s restoration shop.

Today’s offering is a 1955 500 Mondial Series II engine complete with all internals and accessories, including the front mounted magnetos, the vertical generator, the correct 40 DCOA3 Weber carbs, the water pump, the flywheel, the bellhousing and the starter.    
We believe this engine was first documented in the summer of 1964 as a complete spare 2-liter, 4-cylinder Tipo 111 Mondial engine, sitting in Luigi Chinetti’s shop on Eleventh Avenue in New York City.

In Sept., 1977 Chinetti sold the complete Chinetti/NART inventory of parts to Will Haible, who, at that time, had a Ferrari shop in Berkeley.

In 1980 this 2-liter 4-cylinder engine was rebuilt and run on a dyno. Horsepower was about 170 hp from 2-liters or 120 cubic inches, impressive for a 1955 race engine, although the dyno sheets are long gone.

This engine and the complete inventory of parts from Will Haible were later sold to the current owner.

What we offer today is a complete but un-numbered 1955 Ferrari 4-cylinder, 2-liter 500 Mondial engine, (confirmed by the 16913 casting number on the front of the later wide-angle cylinder head).

In early 2004 Will Haible claimed that this engine had an internal number 17, but today there is no engine number or internal number, we assume they were ground off decades ago.
This engine has all the major bits from the Magnetos, generator and water pump up front to the flywheel, bellhousing and starter on the back with and all the internal bits. The Weber 40 DCOA3 carbs (#20 and #88) are correct for this 500 Mondial engine. This is a great display piece if painted and detailed or an original, Factory built spare or race engine for the owner of any 500 Mondial or 1952-1953 Ferrari 500 Grand Prix car.

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