Arizona Trip 6/4/17

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Arizona Trip  6/4/117

I just made a drive to Surprise, Arizona to get some business done.   Shockingly it was 109 degrees in a small town called Surprise.  Its a city filled with golf carts and every major store has golf cart parking near the front entrance.   I was amazed at how cheap gas is in Arizona.  The cheapest I found was $2.19 / gallon.   It seems us Californians pay an additional  one dollar extra in taxes per gallon!   The heat was unbearable for a guy who is used to California beach weather.    I was able to get all my business done and enjoyed the short trip overall.


Above:  Headed on the 10 Freeway to Arizona.

Above:  Spotted a local junkyard with a Lear Jet Fuselage sitting on top of a transport truck.   I will need to stop by one day and get a closer look!


Above:  This was not the only truck of Humvees  traveling through Arizona.  I wonder how these military spec trucks differ from a civilian version?


Above:  Getting closer and the temperature is rising the farther east I go.   By the time I get to Surprise , the temperature peaks at 109 degrees!


Above:  What kind of car is this?  It was in pristine shape too.   I wonder if the owner fitted air conditioning because it was 109 degrees!


Above:  Not even kidding!  The car registered 109 degrees today.


Above: Spotted this on the 10 freeway today.  It looks to be a  1968 Mercedes 230 model.   This was an educated guess from a local LA expert based on the side marker lamps and trim.


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