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1974 Lola T332 Formula 5000 Vintage Race Car Found in Arizona

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1974 Lola T332 Formula 5000 Vintage Race Car


Spotted in Arizona is a 1974 Lola T332 Formula 5000 Vintage Race Car for $185,000 USD.  The seller states this car is in excellent condition.  This is chassis number Hu32B in the correct 1970s livery of Eagle Creek Aviation in Aviation, Indianapolis.   The original Hu32 was destroyed in a crash at Road America in 1974 and this car was built using some of those original parts.  It is FIA HTP registered through motorsport in New Zealand.  Immaculate condition, fully sorted, turn key and race ready.

Chassis tub: aluminium 3/4 monocoque, bonded and riveted.
Extra strengthening added to foot box area.

Engine: built in New Zealand by Steve Weeber with no expense spared.
Correct Chevy 5 liter using a DART block that has been lightened, AFR alum heads, T&D shaft rockers, roller cam, Weaver dry sump oiling, Vertex magneto.
Correct Lucas mechanical fuel injection on MacKay magnesium manifold.
Bartz valve covers are from the original Hu32.

2005 Ferrari 575 Superamerica Found in Las Vegas

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2005 Ferrari 575 Superamerica


Spotted in Las Vegas is a 2005 Ferrari 575 Superamerica for $398,000 USD.   There are only 559 Superamericas built with only 43 with a manual gearbox.  This example is an F1 Auto Transmission car.  What is cool about this car is the electrochromic glass panel which rotated 180 degrees at the rear to lie flat on the boot.   This roofs were known to de-laminate over time so its something to look for when buying.  A desirable option to look for is the GTC handling package.  This car does have carbon ceramic disc brakes.

What do you think of the blue interior?

1960 Ferrari 250MM Tribute Found in the UK

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1960 Ferrari 250MM Tribute


Spotted in the UK is a 1960 Ferrari 250MM Tribute for $790,000 USD.  This 250MM recreation was made in different specialized workshops. Each one was specialize in different parts of the project. Chassis, body, engine, gear box.  All Ferrari original components were used, like the chassis, engine, gear box, transmition and brakes.
The engine is a 1960 12C that was full restored using original Ferrari spare parts imported from Modena.  The engine was completely restored and tune up at a Ferrari workshop and was tested in a engine bench before was fitted in the car.  An original Ferrari chassis was cut and adapt into the 250MM specifications.

What do you think of this Tribute?

Rare 1957 T Bird Jukebox Found in Red Bluff

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Rare 1957 T Bird Jukebox


Spotted in Red Bluff, San Francisco is a rare 1957 T Bird Jukebox for $8,500 USD.   It was manufactured in 1989 by Carson City Manufacturing and made to look like a 1957 Thunderbird.   The seller states it was just serviced and cleaned so it should sound great.   It can play a total of 50  45 records on both sides and can operate on coins or free play.

Price $8,500 USD

Mercedes 560 SEL With Rare Seating Option Found in Denver

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Mercedes 560 SEL With Rare Seating Option


Spotted in Denver is a Mercedes 560 SEL With Rare Seating Option for $6,999 USD.  These are great sedans when Mercedes cars were bullet proof.  I love this generation.   I have never seen this seating option in an SEL before.  This looks like an SEC seating configuration swapped into a 560SEL.  The rear seats have independent 2 way adjustable heated seats.

Do you think this is a factory option ?

Rare One Of A Kind Custom Car Found in Phoenix

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Rare One Of A Kind Custom Car


Spotted in Phoenix, Arizona is a Rare One Of A Kind Custom Car for $25,000 USD.  The seller states this is a home made vehicle custom built from 28 different cars.  It has been featured in many car shows and proves to be a fan favorite.  It certainly is unique!  Wait until you see the donor car list for all its parts.

What do you make of this?

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