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Travel and Classics: Monday 1/27/17

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Travel and Classics: Monday 1/27/17

I went to see about a new restoration project in Los Angeles today and came across some very interesting cars. One in particular was an Aston Martin DB2 convertible needing total restoration. The salesman said this car be restored with parts sourced directly from Aston Martin. There is no chance you will the correct parts on Ebay or anywhere else due to its rarity. It is comforting to know that Aston Martin still supports their past models. They only made 411 examples of the DB2 and only 102 convertibles built.  Unfortunately this car has been sold but there will be something to fill that void soon.

Travel and Classics: Monday 1/24/17

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Travel and Classics
Monday in Los Angeles

I went about my business today and decided to stop into 2 locations to see what was new.   I was hoping to find some interesting cars.   I saw a 250SE Cabriolet in silver that just went through a full restoration.  Asking Price $114,000.

What did you see today ?

1995 Ferrari 348 Spyder sitting for 3 year in Arizona

1995 Ferrari 348 Spyder sitting for 3 year
Location: Arizona
I was notified that a seller had some cars that have been sitting for a long time in Arizona.
  • 1995 Ferrari 348 Spyder (garaged)
  • 1997 Jaguar XJS V12 convertible (garaged)
  • Mercedes 450 SLC (outside)

Why not?  Lets go check them out!

I was able to get to the Ferraro 348 Spyder  in the evening but the battery was completely dead.   We decided to charge the battery overnight and try again in the morning.  The car looked good.  It definitely showed  signs of sitting

Trip to Scottsdale Arizona for the Barrett Jackson Classic Car Auctions

Trip to Scottsdale Arizona for the Barrett Jackson Classic Car Auctions

Left Friday for the Classic Car Auctions in Scottsdale Arizona.  Barrett-Jackson will be key.   We took the 10 freeway and passed through Palm Springs.   I am always amazed by the wind turbines in the area and how we need more alternative sources of energy .

It took 6 hours to get to Scottsdale but as always we always have fun on our road trips.   This time Ruby our German Shepherd was able to join us.   I have a surprise in store for you readers.  There is another reason I need to go to Arizona this week.   Stay Tuned!


Tesla Tax Credits Explained

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Tesla Tax Credits

The Government has been very supportive of alternative energy vehicles like the all electric Tesla S vehicles.   As of now, there is a Federal Tax Credit of $7,500 Dollars for new buyers of Tesla vehicles.  In Addition, the state that you live in has incentives as well to help you decide on an electric vehicle.

  • California states allows for a $2,500 tax rebate when purchasing or leasing an new Tesla vehicles.
  • Louisiana has the highest rebate which is $6,900 – $9,500 income tax credit depending on battery choice.
  • Colorado gives a $5,000 tax credit.
  • New Jersey will exempt the Sales Tax on the purchase.  That can be worth be a big credit.
  • Oregon will be a $750 rebate for wall connectors and installation
See full post for chart of the tax incentives by state
Do these incentives in your state sway you to buy an electric vehicle?

Upcoming Scottsdale Arizona Car Auctions for 2017

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Upcoming Scottsdale Arizona Car Auctions for 2017

Some amazing cars are going up for auctions!
Continue Reading to see the cars to watch at each auction

What cars are you looking forward to see?

Gooding & Company  January 20-21, 2017    Click Here

Barrett-Jackson Auction January 14-22        Click Here

Russo and Steele Auction  January 14-17       Click Here

Bonhams Auction Jan 19th , 2017          Click Here

RM Sotheby’s Auction  January 19-20   Click Here

1960 Porsche 356B Super 90 with Carrera Brakes

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Porsche 356B Super 90 with Carrera Brakes

This Porsche 356B Super 90 that was reported on Dirty Old Cars in April 2016 has moved to a new home however,  new owner has not had time to work on the restoration project yet.  I will try to document it as it progresses.  I visited the owner and was able to spot the car in his projects pile.  It is definitely next in line for a restoration but who knows when that will be. What is interesting about this Super 90 is that it was once used as a race car by the previous owner and is equipped with Factory Porsche 60mm Carrera Brakes. As he disassembles the car for restoration, I hope to document these rare drum brakes in more detail in the future.

Would you take on a project like this?
What would you pay for a project like this?


G-Class Production Facility in Graz, Austria

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G-Class Production Facility in Graz, Austria

I am a big fan of the G-Class cars so it exciting to find an enthusiast that has been to the factory in Graz, Austria.   Luckily they didnt have a problem with him photographing the production line.  If anyone is curious to see pictures of the production facility in Graz, Austria where they hand build the G-Glass , here are some great photos.   Can you believe over 3 miles of wiring is used on each car!  These cars are all  hand built since 1979.  You dont find the build quality that you do in these handmade cars anymore.  The doors make a great sound when closing which gives it a vault like feeling.    As a testament to their quality, it is difficult to find a USA version of the 2002 G-Class under $20,000 right now even with high mileage (150,000 miles plus.)   People are discovered what great cars they are and have helped their resale value.   While most cars continue to depreciate to a fraction of their original costs, the G Class is able to keep proving to the world how good they really are.