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Comparison of a Ferrari Testarossa Luggage Set and a Ferrari 512TR Luggage Set

Side by Side Comparison of the Ferrari Testarossa Luggage Set and the Ferrari 512TR Luggage Set

The Ferrari Testarossa first appeared on in the USA  in 1985 starting with the 2 year only Flying Mirror version and subsequent variations after that.   Overall the Testarossa model  was produced from 1985 to 1991.   During these production years, Ferrari offered custom fitted Testarossa luggage by Schedoni.    Some would say the Ferrari 512TR model is just a continuation of the Testarossa but I think the 512TR should be considered a separate model all together due to the enormous number of changes and improvements made on these cars for 1992 through 1994.    Many believe the luggage found in both the Testarossa and 512TR are the same but are in fact very different.

AC Schnitzer BMW Automobilia

AC Schnitzer BMW Automobilia

One of my favorite cars of all time is the E30 BMW M3. A famous car tuner called AC Schnitzer modified these cars to be better than stock. I have always loved their wheels and their tasteful designs for their cars.

Here are some posters that were from the 1990s that I would love to get my hands on again.

Road Trip 2017: Hunting for Classic Cars | Days 4 -8

Road Trip 2017: Hunting for Classic Cars | Days 4-8

Ashland, Oregon is a really quaint small town.  It holds an annual Shakespeare Festival with 2 million visitors.   The whole downtown area has construction going on for this event.  As an Los Angeles resident , it amazes me how friendly everyone is.   I guess we are just jaded coming from LA.    We next drove to Portland, Oregon and spent a few days there to check out the city.  We hit all the tourist land markets:  Voodoo Doughnuts, Chinatown, Powell Books, Nike, Lake Owego, Mother’s Restaurant, Downtown Food Carts, etc.   It was alot of fun.   After a few days of Portland , we were ready to take the 4 hour drive to Seattle, Washington.   While Portland had a more small town feel, Seattle felt like Los Angeles.   It rained the whole time but it was a city I could see myself living in.

Travel and Classics: Monday 1/27/17

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Travel and Classics: Monday 1/27/17

I went to see about a new restoration project in Los Angeles today and came across some very interesting cars. One in particular was an Aston Martin DB2 convertible needing total restoration. The salesman said this car be restored with parts sourced directly from Aston Martin. There is no chance you will the correct parts on Ebay or anywhere else due to its rarity. It is comforting to know that Aston Martin still supports their past models. They only made 411 examples of the DB2 and only 102 convertibles built.  Unfortunately this car has been sold but there will be something to fill that void soon.

Travel and Classics: Monday 1/24/17

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Travel and Classics
Monday in Los Angeles

I went about my business today and decided to stop into 2 locations to see what was new.   I was hoping to find some interesting cars.   I saw a 250SE Cabriolet in silver that just went through a full restoration.  Asking Price $114,000.

What did you see today ?