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Arizona Trip 6/4/17

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Arizona Trip  6/4/117

I just made a drive to Surprise, Arizona to get some business done.   Shockingly it was 109 degrees in a small town called Surprise.  Its a city filled with golf carts and every major store has golf cart parking near the front entrance.   I was amazed at how cheap gas is in Arizona.  The cheapest I found was $2.19 / gallon.   It seems us Californians pay an additional  one dollar extra in taxes per gallon!   The heat was unbearable for a guy who is used to California beach weather.    I was able to get all my business done and enjoyed the short trip overall.

Spotted: Ferrari Dino 246 GT Marrone Dino Metallizaato

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Spotted:  Ferrari Dino 246 GT Marrone Dino Metallizaato

I was driving on La Cienega in Los Angeles and I spotted this Dino 246 GT in a very desirable color of Marrone Dino Metallizzato coming in my direction.   I didnt have my phone ready but was able to catch a glimpse of it through my side mirror.   You dont get to see one of these everyday.  Very cool!

Austrian Fashion Model Crashes Ferrari 246GTS in Ibiza

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Austrian Fashion Model Crashes Ferrari in Ibiza

A 25 year old Austrian fashion model crashed a £400,000 Ferrari Dino 246GTS in Ibiza while high on cocaine then tried to escape on Londoner boyfriend’s private jet.

She was accused of fleeing the scene of the accident and trying to leave the island in a private jet.  Police says she was driving without a license and tested positive for cocaine.

1985 Testarossa Monospecchio Today

1985 Testarossa Monospecchio

Today I had an opportunity to spend a day  with  a 1985 Ferrari Testarossa Monospecchio.   It has a completely different feel from a 1992-1994 Ferrari 512TR.    The 1985-1986 Monospecchio or Flying Mirror have subtle differences compared to the 1987 -1997 production years.

Beautiful 1964 Porsche 356 SC Cabriolet

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1964 Porsche 356 SC Cabriolet

Today I saw a beautiful 1964 Porsche 356 SC Cabriolet sell for $127,000 USD. It was a total restoration and done to a high standard. It was also a matching numbers engine as well. This restoration could not be duplicated at this price so congratulations to the new owner!

VIN 161281 | Working Projects: 1985 Ferrari Testarossa and 1995 Ferrari 348 Spyder

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Working Projects

These are 2 working projects on my plate.  Both will receive the Big Engine Out Service which will be detailed here in the future.  I am hoping there will beno big surprises but will be worthwhile fun and interesting adventure to say the least.  Can’t wait to dig in and get started!

1985 Ferrari Testarossa Flying Mirror
1995 Ferrari 348 Spyder

Comparison of a Ferrari Testarossa Luggage Set and a Ferrari 512TR Luggage Set

Side by Side Comparison of the Ferrari Testarossa Luggage Set and the Ferrari 512TR Luggage Set

The Ferrari Testarossa first appeared on in the USA  in 1985 starting with the 2 year only Flying Mirror version and subsequent variations after that.   Overall the Testarossa model  was produced from 1985 to 1991.   During these production years, Ferrari offered custom fitted Testarossa luggage by Schedoni.    Some would say the Ferrari 512TR model is just a continuation of the Testarossa but I think the 512TR should be considered a separate model all together due to the enormous number of changes and improvements made on these cars for 1992 through 1994.    Many believe the luggage found in both the Testarossa and 512TR are the same but are in fact very different.

AC Schnitzer BMW Automobilia

AC Schnitzer BMW Automobilia

One of my favorite cars of all time is the E30 BMW M3. A famous car tuner called AC Schnitzer modified these cars to be better than stock. I have always loved their wheels and their tasteful designs for their cars.

Here are some posters that were from the 1990s that I would love to get my hands on again.