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Porsche 1973 911RS 019 MFI : Mechanical Fuel Injection Unit

Porsche 1973 911RS MFI unit 

Please contact with any questions.


A real RS pump will have an unmolested ID tag number on top.

The correct number is: 0408 126 019. The number above that is the serial number.

The ID tag on the governor section shows: EP / RLA 1/51 R.

The pump section shows:  PED6KL 60/120 R3 X.

The date stamp on the pump casting will be a 72 to 74 date.

This MFI Pum was built in the 52nd week of 1972.

My Former Jaguar V12 Convertible spotted in a Dior Commercial with Natalie Portman

Dior Commercial


Dior has a new perfume ad with Natalie Portman and my former car plays a part in the commercial.   I used to own a dark blue/tan Jaguar XJS V12 Convertible that was a fun car to drive around town.   The V12 engine was very smooth and was a joy to drive but I was told these engines were prone to overheating and other major issues.   I did not experience of these problems during my ownership.   It was re-painted Dior’s signature color for the commercial and is driven by Natalie Portman.   I am glad it got a new lease on life and will be part of the Dior marketing campaign hopefully for a long time.  It will be making a trip  around the world for more of the marketing campaign.  I think it was all for the best.


Monterey Car Week 2017

Monterey Car Week 2017

Another great year at Pebble Beach. We stayed in Carmel by the Sea where every kind of exotic car was parading up and down the streets of the downtown area. We were 1 block away so it was very easy to walk to restaurants and galleries.

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Day 1| On my way to Pebble Beach Car Week 2017

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Day 1| On my way to Pebble Beach Car Week 2017


Leaving at 10am on our annual road trip to Pebble Beach for the Concours d’Elegance and all the other car events this week. We will centrally located in downtown Carmel by the Sea.  Stay tuned for more!! We are very excited to be going!

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All Original 1985 Ferrari 288 GTO | Only 700 Kilometers

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1985 Ferrari 288 GTO: Only 700 KM

Today I had a rare opportunity to inspect a 1995 Ferrari 288 GTO that only has 700 kilometers since new.   It was kept in a building in the east coast and was always covered in dust.  My mechanic was chosen to do its first engine out service.  The service will require a much needed belt replacement and for that reason the car will not be started.   A compression test was performed and it was excellent.   All Ferrari 288 GTO cars were grey market cars brought into the USA.   None of these cars were ever officially sold here.

Arizona Trip 6/4/17

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Arizona Trip  6/4/117

I just made a drive to Surprise, Arizona to get some business done.   Shockingly it was 109 degrees in a small town called Surprise.  Its a city filled with golf carts and every major store has golf cart parking near the front entrance.   I was amazed at how cheap gas is in Arizona.  The cheapest I found was $2.19 / gallon.   It seems us Californians pay an additional  one dollar extra in taxes per gallon!   The heat was unbearable for a guy who is used to California beach weather.    I was able to get all my business done and enjoyed the short trip overall.