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Rare Porsche 911S Abarth Sport Muffler

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Rare Porsche 911S Abarth Sport Muffler

Price: $1600 Shipped in CONUS

Seller: Paul

This Abarth Muffler for he Porsche 9111 was found on  This is fairly rare item especially in what looks to be very good condition.   If you are in the market to find an Abarth muffler this is going to be a good opportunity.  It includes the support tabs so it should be an easy bolt on.   It also has the manufacturer plate in place

1973 Campagnolo Porsche 911 RSR Magnesium Racing Wheels

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Campagnolo 1973 Porsche 911 RSR Magnesium Racing Wheels
OEM Ultra Rare Originals

Location: Long Beach, Ca

Price: Starting Bid $25,000 US Dollars (Ebay)

Campagnolo Magnesium Racing Wheels

Factory Period OEM and NOT Current Reproductions

Front Pair Magnesium Wheel Size: 9 X 15

Rear Pair Magnesium Wheel Size: 11 X 15

Restored by Harvey Weidman

Epoxy Coated Wheel Barrels by Gary Arentz to further protect the Magnesium when tires are installed (compressed air, a source of corrosion for Mag).

All four Mag wheels were crack checked, verified true and straight

The original cast magnesium wheels were made beginning in the 1930s and their production continues today. Some of the biggest brands producing magnesium wheels in the past include Halibrand, American Racing, Campagnolo, Cromodora, Ronal, Technomagnesio, and Watanabe

1971-1974 Porsche ST/ RSR MFI: Mechanical Fuel Injection Pump For Sale

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1971 – 1974 Porsche ST/ RSR MFI: Mechanical Fuel Injection Pump For Sale

Location: Pennsylvania

Seller: Thoroughbred Motorsports

Price:  $29,998 US Dollars

As of 12.18.16, This ultra rare  Bosch MFI pump has 80 people watching on Ebay.    Something this rare doesnt come cheap and the price of $29,998 proves it.   This Mechanical Fuel Injection Pump which is fitted to the 2.5 Liter Porshce 911 ST or the 2.8 Liter Porsche 911 RSR race cars are unobtanium.  You can modify a more common MFI unit with only a change in the space cam to make it a  2.5 or 2.8 setup but this is a  real Porsche Motorsport Factory calibrated unit.   If you are an owner of  a real ST or RSR then this is your best option.    The price is staggering but where else can you find one?

The pump has been in storage of many years .  The dual actuator moves freely and the pump turns nicely.

Pump body tag is:  PED 6 KL60 A 120 RV 1668 128-001
Regulator tag is:  EP/RLA1-V1058
The tags indicate that is was originally on a 2.5 liter high butterfly engine, but it can be easily converted/re-calibrated for any 2.8 or 3.0 slide valve car.

Collection Rare Porsche 356 parts

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Collection Rare Porsche 356 parts

Location: Bennington, Vermont

Seller:  Dan  802 442-8073

This maybe of interest to Porsche enthusiasts out there.  The seller has a garage full of Porsche 356 parts that he is selling. Maybe worth a drive if your local and check out.  The speedster body is a replica and not original.


DZ RSR Porsche 935 / 917 Throttle Pedal for 911/ 912/930 1966-1989

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DZ RSR Porsche 935 / 917 Throttle Pedal for 911/ 912/930   1966-1989

Seller is in Morro Bay, California : Rebel Racing

Click Here for Ebay Ad

Price: $185 US Dollars

Rebel Racing Pro is known for their suspension upgrades to the Porsche brand.   I happen to see their 917/935 throttle pedal which is a cool upgrade in your 911.

Has anyone used this product?  Does anyone have an opinion?

How to identify a genuine Porsche RS Duck Tail



I have never been able to  tell the difference between a real Porsche Duck tail or a replica.  This is what I have found.

If I am incorrect in my research, please correct me.  I am genuinely interested to know the difference between a real and a replica.

The  Duck Tail  from the 1973 Porsche 911 is one of the most iconic shapes in automotive history.   It is not only  beautiful but functional as well.    The duck tail provided lightness , better engine cooling, and decreases lift especially above 80 MPH and higher.   Ten years ago , I can remember seeing them for sale for $1,200 to $2,000 and thinking the seller was out of his mind.  Who would pay such a high price?   Well in hindsight,  I wish I was that fool.    Today , these Duck Tails can be $5,000 to $10,000 +.  Since the Porsche Company always pushed the limits of technology,  they experimented with fiberglass for aerodynamics and lightness.   The Duck Tails were not made of metal skins, they used fiberglass