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Mercedes Benz R137 V12 Coffee Table Found in Aurora

Mercedes Benz R137 V12 Coffee Table


Spotted in Aurora Colorado is a Mercedes Benz R137 V12 Coffee Table Found in Aurora for $4,400 USD.   The seller has created this impressive coffee table out of a Mercedes engine.  It is a retired MB R-137 6.0L V-12 engine, now a coffee table base.  Its been washed out, softened, blasted, filed, sanded, brushed, buffed, polished.

What do you think of this coffee table?

AMG Hammer Build Found in Hayward

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AMG Hammer Build W124


Spotted in Hayward California is an AMG Hammer Build Found in Hayward for $27,500 USD.  The seller has taken a 1994 E320 Coupe and created his version of the iconic AMG Hammer of the 1980s.  His version consists of 500E widebody front fenders and front spoiler along with 500E rear flares and rear bumper.  I prefer the AMG widebody look more but this is his interpretation.   The engine he chose is the AMG C36 which has been fully rebuilt with OEM parts.   The motor has less than 2k on the build and fully documented.   The AC system has been rebuilt along with a new compressor.    A manual transmission was chosen along with a 3.07 LSD.  It also has chrome AMG 3 piece OZ wheels.   The car is said to pass smog in California with no issues.

What do you think of this build?

Low Mileage 1988 Mercedes 560SL Found in Maryland

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Low Mileage 1988 Mercedes 560SL

Spotted in Maryland is a Low Mileage 1988 Mercedes 560SL for $33,000 USD.   This time capsule has only 27,012 miles since new.  It looks to be in excellent condition as well as a very desirable color combo.   I never see examples like this with such low miles.  Incredible.

What do you think of the price?

1993 Mercedes 500GE Body Found in Netherlands

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1993 Mercedes 500GE Body


Spotted in Netherlands is a 1993 Mercedes 500GE Body for €8,950 Euro.  These are rare 1 year only cars with only 500 examples built in 1993.  This was the first time Mercedes and AMG worked to shove a 240 HP  5.0 V8 M117 into the engine bay.   The majority of these cars were painted purple with a handful of other colors available if the customer requested it.  Mercedes doubted that they could find enough customers willing to pay 200,000 Deutschmarks so they were sold only by word of mouth.   Customers interested would be given silver tie clips with an engraved G silhouette when signing the purchase contracts.   After taking delivery of their new 500GE cars, the customer

What do you think of this car?

Mercedes 190E 2.3-16V Found in Boston

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Mercedes 190E 2.3-16V Found in Boston


Spotted in Boston is a Mercedes 190E 2.3-16V Found in Boston for $11,000 USD.  These cars seem to be climbing in price.   Only 2000 examples were built.  This example seems like it has potential to be a good buy.   It has 160k miles but looks to be in good condition.   One interesting upgrade is that the seller has installed 500E Brake Calipers and Rotors on this car.  Everything is said to work as it should.   I have never driven one but I heard they are pretty slow in stock form.  There seems to a pretty good following for these cars.  I would like the opportunity to drive one especially a race version.  They were very competitive with the E30 M3 on the racing circuit in the 1980s and 1990s.

What do you think of these cars?

1985 Mercedes 190E Ex-Team Snobeck

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1985 Mercedes 190E Ex-Team Snobeck

Competition vehicle Without registration

Spotted in Paris is a 1985 Mercedes 190E Ex-Team Snobeck up for Auction.    Launched in 1976, the French production championship (which became Supertourism in 1989) enjoyed huge popularity in the 1980s. The cars were easily recognizable: BMW 635, Peugeot 505 Turbo, Rover Vitesse or Chevrolet Camaro, spectacularly jousting with each other in the hands of well-known and popular racing drivers, such as Jean-Pierre Beltoise, Jean-Marc Sourd, Jean-Pierre Malcher, Jean Ragnotti, Jean-Pierre Jarier, Claude Ballot-Lena, Xavier Lapeyre, Jean-Louis Schlesser, as well as Jean-Louis Trintignant.
The Mercedes 190 E we are offering raced in this atmosphere, and was a part of the racing team of Dany Snobeck, a high level racing driver, tuner and excellent team manager. The Team Snobeck Racing was one of the great leaders of the production championship, often right at the front row, with both the Alfa Gtv6s and the Mercedes 190s.


What do you think of this car?

1970 Mercedes 280SE Convertible Conversion Found in Florida

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1970 Mercedes 280SE Convertible Conversion


Spotted in Florida is a 1970 Mercedes 280SE Convertible Conversion for $55,000 USD.  Not much is mentioned by the seller other than it runs great.  It is not a true convertible but was modified into one.  It has only 82,000 original miles and the AC blows cold.  The prices of true convertibles have skyrockets especially the 3.5 models.  

Would you consider buying a Mercedes 280SE Cabriolet Conversion?

1969 Mercedes 300SEL 6.3 Track Car Found in Riverside

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1969 Mercedes 300SEL 6.3 Track Car


Spotted in Riverside Chicago, is a 1969 Mercedes 300SEL 6.3 Track Car for $17,000 USD.    This is a mechanically fuel injected 6.3 with its Independent load leveling air bag suspension (w/engine driven pump) as factory original.  It has 4 wheel disc brakes w/air ducting, automatic transmission, Dual exhaust, and flow master mufflers.  The 6.3 engine has been rebuilt with low hours using factory parts andspecs.  The seller has installed racing buckets up front, but stripped the rest of the interior.   A new roll cage was added along with a driver’s cold water circulation system.  


What would you do with this 6.3 Track Car?

1967 Mercedes 300SE Coupe 6.3 Found in California

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1967 Mercedes 300SE Coupe 6.3


Spotted in California is a 1967 Mercedes 300SE Coupe 6.3 for $45,000 USD.   The seller installed a Mercedes 6.3 engine into this 300SE Coupe.  If it were only a convertible it would be perfect but this a mod I was looking to do.  I spoke to a few shops that said it was very difficult to shove that engine into this body but as you can see its been done.

What do you think of this car?