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2011 Dettling D-1 Prototype Found in Michigan

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2011 Dettling D-1 Prototype


Spotted in Michigan is a 2011 Dettling D-1 Prototype for $160,000 USD.  The seller states this the only one in the world.   The construction is superior to any automobile in the world, with it’s multi tube space frame and structural fiberglass and Q cell body. It is mid-engined small block chevy V8 with trick flow heads and Gm 4 speed transaxle. The body of the car holds a US design patent and the car is very roomy, with enough trunk space for 2 people to go anywhere on vacation.   See youtube video’s under Dettling for more info.


1977 Kelmark Found in Arizona

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1977 Kelmark


Spotted in Arizona is a 1977 Kelmark for $23,000 USD.  This is an interesting highly modified Kelmark kit car.  One of a kind, HANDCRAFTED BY A 7-TIME MIDGET/SPRINT CAR CHAMPION / HALL OF FAMER, located in ALBUQUERQUE, NM. To others it is known as the ‘Wonder Car.’ This unique 2-seater, STREET LEGAL eye catcher is a HIGHLY MODIFIED 1977 KELMARK, beautifully displayed in all its glory with a TORCH RED paint job, mock knock-offs imported from NEW ZEALAND, and HEADLIGHT COVERS. THE ADJUSTABLE TORSION BAR delivers a RIDE LIKE A CADILLAC and HANDLES LIKE A CORVETTE. When it comes to stopping, the DISC BRAKES will make

Rare One Of A Kind Custom Car Found in Phoenix

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Rare One Of A Kind Custom Car


Spotted in Phoenix, Arizona is a Rare One Of A Kind Custom Car for $25,000 USD.  The seller states this is a home made vehicle custom built from 28 different cars.  It has been featured in many car shows and proves to be a fan favorite.  It certainly is unique!  Wait until you see the donor car list for all its parts.

What do you make of this?

1979 Volkswagen Rabbit Limo Found in California

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1979 Volkswagen Rabbit Limo

Spotted in California, is a 1979 Volkswagen Rabbit Limo. Seller does not set a price but willing to entertain offers. The limo is 15.9 feet long. Its original 1.6 engine was swapped for a 1.8 liter with ported and polished heads and euro grind cam. It is still a 4 speed manual with a seller stated top speed of 100 mph.

Does anyone want this?
What is it worth?

1976 Trivette Found in Seattle

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1976 Trivette

Spotted in Seattle is a 1976 Trivette for $8,450 USD.  This is a very rare three wheel trike with only 27 examples produced.  It uses a Fiat 850 drive train.   This vehicle was developed as a response to the Arab Oil Embargo of 1973.  This rear wheel drive Trivette is extremely stable at high way speeds.  According to Road & Track, it can achieve a .77 lateral G on the skipad.   It is currently licensed and running with a clean title.  The seller includes a spare engine and some other parts.

What do you think of the Trivette?

2015 Lucra LC470 Race Car Found in Los Angeles

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2015 Lucra LC470 Race Car


Spotted in Los Angeles, California is a 2015 Lucra LC470 Race Car for $108,000 USD.  The is a 640 HP street legal car with only 4,000 Miles.   The Lucra is a hand built car made in California.  It uses an LS7 power plant with a carbon fiber body putting the car at less than 2,000 lbs.  It features an Eaton TrueTrac differential with a custom Magnaflow exhaust capable of 0-60 times in the high 2 second range.   This specific car has a one-off custom removable aluminum hardtop specially built by Lucra.  It is the only Lucra with a hardtop.  It is a very interesting canopy design.

What do you think of this car?

1 of 3 Radical RXC3 Found in Pasadena

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1 of 3 Radical RXC3


Spotted in Pasadena is 1 of 3 Radical RXC3 for $169,000 USD.  This is a British closed cock pit road legal car that debuted at the 2013 Autosport International Show in the UK.  Completely homologated for California roads and a blast to drive in the canyons – nothing can keep up with this thing. Essentially an atom on steroids with aero, you can take the Angeles Crest through Palmdale hit willow springs raceway and come back

What do you think of this car?

1968 Kelmark GT Found in Pahrump

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1968 Kelmark GT


Spotted in  Pahrump, Nevada is a 1968 Kelmark GT for $8,000 USD.  Seems like more of these kit cars are coming up for sale lately.  I am not the biggest fan of these but it should be documented.   This is probably the cleanest Kelmark I have come across.   It only has 4,972 original miles!   It was meant to resemble the Ferrari Dino 246 GT but doesnt do the Dino justice.  

What do you think of this car?

1968 Sterling Nova Coupe Found in Mendocino County

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1968 Sterling Nova Coupe (AKA Eureka Kit Car )


Spotted in Mendocino County is a 1968 Sterling Coupe for $8,500 USD.  I have gotten a lot of interest from members regarding these Sterling Nova kit cars otherwise known as the Sterling Eureka.  Another car that I have received interest in is the Kelmark kit cars from the same era.  

What do you think of these cars?