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Lamborghini Espada Tools and Parts

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Lamborghini Espada Items for sale

Since finding the Espada , I wanted to see what other parts could be sourced for a restoration project.  Apparently you can still get reproduction  Espada emblems.   The tool bag , wrenches, and screwdrivers can still be  found since they are shared across other production models.  There are even Espada doors for sale on Ebay in Los Angeles.


Espada Tool Bag: $440 on Ebay

1966 Ferrari 330 GTS Blue Sera #9639



1966 Ferrari 330 GTS  Blue Sera  #9639

A very special car in a great Ferrari color Blue Sera.

Only 99 cars built

Price: POA

Email for more details

This car is not for the faint hearted.  Its by no means cheap but it presents very well.

Blue Sera is its original color.  It was changed to black and then red through its life and now it back to the original Blue Sera.  Stunning!

Lamborghini LM002 Tool Kit and Storage Box

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Lamborghini LM002 Tool Kit and Storage Box

Price: $11,999.99 USD

Seller is in Penington, New Jersey

Only 301 Lamborghini LM002 were produced.   Somewhere there is a car missing its tool box.   The Price is insane but its super rare.  I doubt you can find the trunk but you can probably put together the tool kit with enough time.    I believe the tool kit is shared across models. (ie Countach)

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Genuine Lamborghini Countach Rear Wing

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Genuine Lamborghini Countach Rear Wing

Price: $9.995 USD

Seller is a dealer:  SW2 Heritage Cars

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I”m not surprised at the price.  I was offered one in Los Angeles for $6,000 almost 4 years ago.  They are rare and impossible to find OEM part, so its hard to find fault when one comes up for sale.    A Lamborghini Countach owner who wants the rear wing has no option but to pay the price.   I honestly prefer them without the wing but they look good both ways.    I have never seen the front wing from the Cannon ball movie for sale anywhere.   I wonder if that was a one off for the movie?

Euro bumpers really make the car but the front wing is debateable, but still an interesting option. I never found any factory documentation on a front wing.   Does anyone know more about this?


Ferrari 275 Chassis 1965


Ferrari 275 Chassis 1965

Location: Woluwe-Saint–Lambert, Belgium

This is a cool find!   There is a lot of interest on this and I am sure there are many capable restoration shops that would love to build a 275GTB, GTS, GTB/4, or Nart Spider from this Chassis.   Ferrari records are so well kept these days.   Anyone bidding on this probably knows where to locate the matching numbers engine for this chassis already.    It would be fun to track this chassis and see what it becomes in the future.   What a great project for someone with deep deep pockets.

Would you build it back to original specs ?

Assuming you could not find the original engine, what would you build it into?

10/21/16   2 days left for bidding  / Current bid 35k dollars / 101 bids

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Ferrari Dino Head Light Covers

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Ferrari Dino Head Light Covers

I have no doubt that the Ferrari Dino should have left the Ferrari Factory with headlight covers installed.   Paninfarina envisioned the design of the Ferrari Dino 206 GT Prototype from 1967 with headlight covers. ( see prototype below)

It should be noted that headlight covers were only tested on prototypes, but never  fitted on production cars at the factory.  Headlight covers were only fitted by the importer or dealerships.