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Lancia Stratos Original Bonnets Found For Sale

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Lancia Stratos Original Bonnets Found For Sale

These Lancia Stratos  bonnets for the front and rear can be found for sale in Italy.   These bonnets look to be in excellent condition.  Now just need to find a Stratos to put them on.   These cars with their rally history are just amazing with their Dino engines.  Just a perfect little car that are so desirable by so many collectors.  Their rise in the market has been stratospheric.  Only 5 years ago

Ferrari 250 V12 Engine For Sale in Forida

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Ferrari V12 Engine For Sale
Location: Florida
Engine Number Polished off
Engine suitable for 250 GTO, SWB, California Spyder,
From 250 GT LUSSO Ferrari Chassis Number 4373GT or 4377GT per Marcel Mastrioni

FERRARI ENGINE internal number 1056 comes with all the parts except the carburetors, cold Air Box“FERRARI ENGINE internal number 1056 comes with all the parts except the carburetors, cold Air Box, distributors, starter, generator and any parts not specifically seen in the photos. It can be torn down for a complete inspection with an agreeable deposit. A BORE SCOPE to see inside the engine has been done and all seems as it should be. A more through BORE SCOPE Examination can be had for serious buyers. The engine has be painted to look fresh but will need further detailing. For anyone whishing to have #1056E rebuilt to their specific specification Donnybrooke offers unparalleled engine rebuild and competition preparation.1056E V-12 Ferrari engine turns freely.


Lamborghini LM002 Original Winch For Sale in Italy

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Lamborghini LM002 Original Winch

Loation: Near Sant’ Agata, Italy

For Sale:

Original winch taken off of a Lamborghini LM002 taken off a car around 20 years ago and working.

This is something you dont find for sale everyday.  So few cars were made that any part from an LM002 is a big deal.  I cant verify if this was the actual style of winch used on the LM002 but seller believes this to be the case.

Can anyone confirm this would be period correct on this car?

Lamborghini Espada Tools and Parts

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Lamborghini Espada Items for sale

Since finding the Espada , I wanted to see what other parts could be sourced for a restoration project.  Apparently you can still get reproduction  Espada emblems.   The tool bag , wrenches, and screwdrivers can still be  found since they are shared across other production models.  There are even Espada doors for sale on Ebay in Los Angeles.


Espada Tool Bag: $440 on Ebay

1966 Ferrari 330 GTS Blue Sera #9639



1966 Ferrari 330 GTS  Blue Sera  #9639

A very special car in a great Ferrari color Blue Sera.

Only 99 cars built

Price: POA

Email for more details

This car is not for the faint hearted.  Its by no means cheap but it presents very well.

Blue Sera is its original color.  It was changed to black and then red through its life and now it back to the original Blue Sera.  Stunning!