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1960 Ferrari 250MM Tribute Found in the UK

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1960 Ferrari 250MM Tribute


Spotted in the UK is a 1960 Ferrari 250MM Tribute for $790,000 USD.  This 250MM recreation was made in different specialized workshops. Each one was specialize in different parts of the project. Chassis, body, engine, gear box.  All Ferrari original components were used, like the chassis, engine, gear box, transmition and brakes.
The engine is a 1960 12C that was full restored using original Ferrari spare parts imported from Modena.  The engine was completely restored and tune up at a Ferrari workshop and was tested in a engine bench before was fitted in the car.  An original Ferrari chassis was cut and adapt into the 250MM specifications.

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1963 Ferrari 400 Superamerica Coupe Found in Costa Mesa

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1963 Ferrari 400 Superamerica Coupe

Spotted in Costa Mesa is a 1963 Ferrari 400 Superamerica Coupe for $3,500,000 USD.  Not much is mentioned other than it is in Mint Condition and was a a Pebble Beach Award Winner.

This 400 Superamerica used a smaller 4.0 Liter Colombo Engine but produced  340 horsepower.  This appears to be a Series 2 car indicated by its covered hood scoop and longer wheel base.  The Series 1 cars are identified by its open hood scoop.   They are ultra rare with only 47 examples produced between 1959 -1964.

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1999 Ferrari 355 Serie Fiorano #1/ 100 Found in California

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1999 Ferrari 355 Serie Fiorano #1/ 100


Spotted in California is a 1999 Ferrari 355 Serie Fiorano #1/ 100 for $149,995 USD.  This car is being sold by a dealer and has been in California all of its life.  The car is Rossa Corsa Red with Tan Interior.   This specific car was introduced to the public at the Geneva Auto Show and displayed on the Ferrari stand prior to delivery to the 1st owner.   The original owner took delivery at Ogner Motorcars in Woodland Hills, California.  Since there were only 100 Serie Fiorano made this being number 1 is rare and special.

These Serie Fiorano are considered the best of the F355 cars because they were built with enhancements to reach the performance of the Challenge Cars.    There were 100 Serie Fiorano units delivered to the US Market with 74 coming with the F1 Transmission and 26 with the 6-speed manual Transmission.

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1998 Ferrari 355 Factory Challenge Car Found in Mesa

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1998 Ferrari 355 Factory Challenge Car Typ A Evoluzione


Spotted in Mesa, Arizona is a 1998 Ferrari 355 Factory Challenge Car for $185,000 USD.   The seller states this is 1 of 40 Evoluzione Challenge cars in the world.   It has only 11,874 original miles on the car and as all Challenge cars is equipped with a 6 speed manual transmission.  Two brothers did the research and restored this car back to factory specs.  It looks to have extensive race history and documentation.

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1987 Ferrari 328GTS Found in Ohio

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1987 Ferrari 328GTS


Spotted in Ohio is a 1987 Ferrari 328GTS for $75,000 USD.  This car is a rare color with 34,000 original miles.   It has a clean title and is in excellent condition.  The seller states that this car has some movie history from the 80’s and 90’s.

What color is this?

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1988 Ferrari Testarossa Found in San Francisco

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1988 Ferrari Testarossa


Spotted in San Francisco is a 1988 Ferrari Testarossa for $125,000 USD.  The seller is ready to move on to the next phase of his life and is ready to downsize.  He has owned the car for 5 years and invested over $50,000 in restorations in that time.   The major engine out service was completed in May of 2015 with an additional $10,000 of work done by Roselli’s in San Jose.  There is a binder of all mechanical work since new.   There is a custom sound system as well as new catalytic converters and mufflers.   A complete brake overhaul was done.   This seller has taken care of this car and made improvements to keep it in top shape. 

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1985 Ferrari Testarossa Owned By OJ Simpson

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1985 Ferrari Testarossa

Spotted in Arizona is a 1985 Ferrari Testarossa Owned By OJ Simpson for $1,250,000 USD.   The seller has put his car formerly owned by OJ Simpson up for auction at the same time OJ was released from prison.   He has set a high Buy It Now Price but bidding is currently only at $75,100 US with 1 day 5 hours left.   1985 was the first year for the Testarossa to come to the USA.  In this first year only 121 examples were brought into the country making these early flying mirrors very rare cars.   I wonder how many of the 1985 examples still exist? 

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1986 Ferrari Mondial Convertible Found in Kilauea

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1986 Ferrari Mondial Convertible


Spotted in Kilauea is a 1986 Ferrari Mondial Convertible for $40,000 USD.   Very little is known about this car.  I can see aftermarket wheels but hopefully he has kept the factory wheels as part of the sale.   My first Ferrari experience was a 328 GTS when I was in college.   There is nothing like driving a Ferrari around the coast of the Islands.  The seller states the car is in cherry condition so it maybe worth taking a look at.

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