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Ferrari Formula One F93A Front Nose Cone Found in Cohasset

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Ferrari Formula One F93A Front Nose Cone


Spotted in Cohasset, Massachusetts is a Ferrari Formula One F93A Front Nose Cone for $3,500 USD.   The seller doesnt provide much information.  I am curious how he was able to get this piece and would like to verify its authenticity.  this is the nose cone for Jean Alesi F93A Formula One car.  It has been restored and painted but the decals have not been applied yet.

Price $3,500 USD

1994 Ferrari 512TR Found in New York

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1994 Ferrari 512TR

Spotted in New York is a 1994 Ferrari 512TR for $399,000 USD. This car has less than 3,300 Original Miles! Black with black interior. Seller states this is an all original, no alterations, modifications or deletions. 2015 winner Greenwich Concours Best Supercar.  2016 winner FCA Best Ferrari in class.  100 point Platinum show car.  FCA documented letter from judge states this car to have no deductions. Engine serviced 200 miles and five years ago.  A fully detailed show car. Flawless paint and

1992 Ferrari 512TR Silver Found in Washington

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1992 Ferrari 512TR Silver


Spotted in Washington is a 1992 Ferrari 512TR Silver for $298,000 USD.   This is a rare silver color with black leather.  It only has 11,631 original miles and has only has 2 owners since new.  The seller states this car has been given Ferrari Classiche Certification and has won “First In Class” winner 4 years in a row (2014-2017) at the Northwest Region of the Ferrari Club of America Concourse.  The original window sticker is included showing MSRP at $195,600 USD and the original delivery to Grand Prix Motorsporst in Seattle, Washington.  These cars are notorious like many Ferrari models for the sticky interior trim pieces.  This has been corrected by the seller which is a nice bonus.  Also a plus is the major service was completed only 1,500 miles ago which included valve/ cam timing , new timing belt/ tensioners, new valve cover gasket, new cam seals, new accessory belt, new engine oil filter, new brake fluid, new coolant, new gear oil  ,and new AC Freon/ Filter totaling $9,930 USD.

What do you think of this 512TR?

1994 Ferrari 348 Spider Found in Hartwell

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1994 Ferrari 348 Spider


Spotted in Hartwell, Georgia is a 1994 Ferrari 348 Spider for $54,900 USD.  The seller states this car is in great condition and he has owned it for 3 years.  It has 39,000 miles and just has a $13,000 USD major service.  This 348 has 355 wheels and there is no mention of the original wheels.

What do you think of this 348 spider?

1990 Ferrari 348TS Found in Denver

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1990 Ferrari 348TS


Spotted in Denver, Colorado is a 1990 Ferrari 348TS for $49,500 USD.  The seller has only 32,000 original miles.  The seller has made some modifications to the car.  It has Ferrari 360 wheels with tires that have Bridgestone Potenza in white lettering.  The targa top has been painted body color.  The seats appear to have been redone. I could be wrong but the stitching looks off and they look like they are sagging.   The rear taillights are from the Ferrari 355.  Overall a fairly nice car for the price.

What do you think of this car?

1979 Ferrari GTB Found in Arizona

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1979 Ferrari GTB


Spotted in Arizona is a 1979 Ferrari GTB for $65,000 USD.  The seller states this is a nice survivor that is being taken off the blocks and ready to sell.  This a 1979 carbureted car with 45,000 Miles with air conditioning system.  GTB cars were built between 1975-1980.

What do you think of this car for the price?

What kind of wheels are those?

2005 Ferrari 575 Superamerica Found in Las Vegas

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2005 Ferrari 575 Superamerica


Spotted in Las Vegas is a 2005 Ferrari 575 Superamerica for $398,000 USD.   There are only 559 Superamericas built with only 43 with a manual gearbox.  This example is an F1 Auto Transmission car.  What is cool about this car is the electrochromic glass panel which rotated 180 degrees at the rear to lie flat on the boot.   This roofs were known to de-laminate over time so its something to look for when buying.  A desirable option to look for is the GTC handling package.  This car does have carbon ceramic disc brakes.

What do you think of the blue interior?

1960 Ferrari 250MM Tribute Found in the UK

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1960 Ferrari 250MM Tribute


Spotted in the UK is a 1960 Ferrari 250MM Tribute for $790,000 USD.  This 250MM recreation was made in different specialized workshops. Each one was specialize in different parts of the project. Chassis, body, engine, gear box.  All Ferrari original components were used, like the chassis, engine, gear box, transmition and brakes.
The engine is a 1960 12C that was full restored using original Ferrari spare parts imported from Modena.  The engine was completely restored and tune up at a Ferrari workshop and was tested in a engine bench before was fitted in the car.  An original Ferrari chassis was cut and adapt into the 250MM specifications.

What do you think of this Tribute?

1963 Ferrari 400 Superamerica Coupe Found in Costa Mesa

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1963 Ferrari 400 Superamerica Coupe

Spotted in Costa Mesa is a 1963 Ferrari 400 Superamerica Coupe for $3,500,000 USD.  Not much is mentioned other than it is in Mint Condition and was a a Pebble Beach Award Winner.

This 400 Superamerica used a smaller 4.0 Liter Colombo Engine but produced  340 horsepower.  This appears to be a Series 2 car indicated by its covered hood scoop and longer wheel base.  The Series 1 cars are identified by its open hood scoop.   They are ultra rare with only 47 examples produced between 1959 -1964.

What is this car worth?