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Porsche 1973 911RS 019 MFI : Mechanical Fuel Injection Unit

Porsche 1973 911RS MFI unit 

Please contact with any questions.


A real RS pump will have an unmolested ID tag number on top.

The correct number is: 0408 126 019. The number above that is the serial number.

The ID tag on the governor section shows: EP / RLA 1/51 R.

The pump section shows:  PED6KL 60/120 R3 X.

The date stamp on the pump casting will be a 72 to 74 date.

This MFI Pum was built in the 52nd week of 1972.

BMW M3 E30 S14 2.5 LITER Engine Block Found in South Carolina

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BMW M3 E30 S14 2.5 LITER Engine Block


Spotted in South Carolina is a BMW M3 E30 S14 2.5 LITER Engine Block for $8,900 USD.   This is so rare and probably one of the last existing and available 2.5 Liter Sport EVO Engine block in the world. This would be an upgrade engine to a stock M3 E30 which comes stock with a 2.3 Liter Engine.

New, original 2.5 L, S14, BMW Motorsport Engine Block in “standard size” of 95.00 mm.

The Engine Block does not include pistons.

What do you think of this S14 Engin

Porsche RSR 915 Transaxle Oil Pump Complete Found in Colorado

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Porsche RSR 915 Transaxle Oil Pump


Spotted in Colorado is a Porsche RSR 915 Transaxle Oil Pump for $6,500 USD.   This is the complete kit which is extremely rare to find.  Other RSR oil pumps I have seen for sale are always missing some critical pieces but this one seems to be all there.  This kit has the complete nose cover, oil pump, nose cone, gears, sump foot and spray bar.  It would seem the price for these continue to climb.  I think there is a company in Europe that makes replicas of these pumps.  I am not sure how popular these are.

Would you pay this much to put this on your Porsche 911?

1966 Porsche 911 Engine Found in Napa County

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1966 Porsche 911 Engine


Spotted in Napa County is a 1966 Porsche 911 Engine with rare Weber carbs for $28,950 USD.  The seller states it is in excellent condition.  It was rebuilt professionally less than 1,000 miles ago.   The engine  907731 shows it is coded as a 1966 engine.

What do you think of this engine?

Porsche 356 Rudge Wheel Set Found in New York

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Porsche 356 Rudge Wheels


Spotted in New York, is a set of Porsche 356 Rudge Wheels for $60,000 USD.  The seller states the chrome on this set of 5 wheels is in amazing original condition.  The spare shows some slight pitting.   These are First Series originals.  They are not reproductions.   Also, included in the sale are original Rudge B Drums which are not converted drums.   None of these wheels have been re-chromed.   All 5 wheels come with Michelin Tires mounted.  These wheels are getting harder to find.   Why hasn’t anyone made a reproduction yet?  The market price warrants it.


What do you think of the price?

Cibie Bi-Iodes

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Cibie Bi-Iodes

Cibie Bi-Iodes Iare my favorite headlights for the early Porsche 911 cars. I do see them come up for sale from time to time for $1,000-$1,500 USD.  There is a great website reference that describes in detail the restoration of these rare headlights called


What do you think of these headlights used on early Porsche 911s?

1957 Porsche 356A 1600S Engine

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1957 Porsche 356A 1600S Engine


Spotted is a 1957 Porsche 356A 1600S Engine  for $5,800 USD.   The seller states this is engine #81020 and all 3 pieces of the case match #156 and stamped 7710 1600S.  The engine spins freely and in good condition.  There is no mention of it running at this time.   It has been in dry storage for 30+ years!   He also has a complete 1959 Porsche Transaxle complete with drum brakes.   It spins freely with clean fluid.  This was also in dry storage for 30 + Years.   The seller is asking $4,800 for that.   I think the price is fair market for each component.  Do your due diligence!

What do you think of this engine and transaxle?

Porsche 4.0 Liter Engine Found in Van Nuys

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Porsche 4.0 Liter Engine


Spotted in Van Nuys, California is a Porsche 4.0 Liter Engine for $40,000 USD.  The seller states this engine has been built for a race car putting out 750hp.   He says it will cost  60k to build an engine like this.  He does not give any specs or details.   Might be interesting to ask for more information.

Can this engine really make 750HP?