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1987 BMW E30 AC Schnitzer Tribute Found in San Antonio

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1987 BMW E30 AC Schnitzer Tribute


Spotted in San Antonio, Texas is a 1987 BMW E30 AC Schnitzer Tribute for $18,500 USD.   I have not seen a real AC Schnitzer E30 coupe, for over 20 years.  This is not an original Schnitzer build but has been done to a very high level.  Its become extremely difficult to find all these rare pieces.   The seller states the cosmetic modifications include the full body kit.  The front spoiler is very low and tends

Price $20,000 USD /  Update $18,500 USD

Have you seen a Schnitzer E30 in Person?

BMW E30 Genuine AC Schnitzer CAT BACK EXHAUST Found in La Jolla

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BMW E30 Genuine AC Schnitzer CAT BACK EXHAUST


Spotted in La Jolla is a BMW E30 Genuine AC Schnitzer CAT BACK EXHAUST for $2,895 USD.   A new old stock exhaust still in its original box does not come around very often.   I would love to put this on my E30!  There are many Schnitzer enthusiasts out there that would be interested in this vintage item from the 1980’s.  I have yet to find a good Schnitzer muffler with the exhaust tip.   This is one of those things you cant find anymore.  I am curious if there are any performance gains versus stock?  If you are a Schnitzer purist looking to build a schnitzer tribute car this is a must have.

Would you buy this for your E30?

1956 Porsche 356A Shell Found in Napa

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1956 Porsche 356A Shell

Spotted in Napa, California is a 1956 Porsche 356A Shell. The seller states that the California title is in his possession but will only give full chassis number to serious buyers (#575XX). There are no other parts other than the shell. The first 3 digits of the VIN number are visible in the picture. This rusted out wreck is beyong restoring but maybe bought by someone for the VIN number.

what do you think this is worth?

Judson Supercharger For 190SL Found in Santa Cruz

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Judson Super For 190SL


Spotted in Santa Cruz, is a Judson Super For 190SL for $3,999 USD.  I have never seen one of these but this looks like fun.  The seller states he has carefully stored it for decades and is a long time Mercedes Club Member.  It is complete with installation manuals.  This is a a super rare find.  It is possible this could fit other Mercedes engines as well.

Have you seen one of these before?

1989 Mercedes 300CE Koenig Special found in Atlanta

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1989 Mercedes 300CE Koenig Special

Spotted in Atlanta, Georgia is a 1989 Mercedes 300CE Koenig Special for $27,500 USD. This 300ce has the body kit with an Albrex supercharged engine. It only has 40,000 miles on the odometer. The interior is all custom and supposedly has some colorful ownership history. The seller includes a DUB car show trophy with the sale.

Mercedes Benz R137 V12 Coffee Table Found in Aurora

Mercedes Benz R137 V12 Coffee Table


Spotted in Aurora Colorado is a Mercedes Benz R137 V12 Coffee Table Found in Aurora for $4,400 USD.   The seller has created this impressive coffee table out of a Mercedes engine.  It is a retired MB R-137 6.0L V-12 engine, now a coffee table base.  Its been washed out, softened, blasted, filed, sanded, brushed, buffed, polished.

What do you think of this coffee table?