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Mercedes W126 380SEC 500SEC 560SEC Factory Tow Hitch

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Mercedes W126 Factory Tow Hitch

Have you ever seen one of these? This is a Mercedes W126 380SEC 500SEC 560SEC Factory Tow Hitch. These rare tow hitches are mounted on each side by 3 bolts and a backing plate for reinforcement. I was not able to verify if the bumper was unique to cars with the tow hitch or if a modification was required. The entire tow hitch assembly sells for $2,000 USD on the open market. Not many will tow something with an old SEC but its cool to see that Mercedes took the time to make a tough and durable tow hitch for it. Its a cool and very rare item and important to document.

Recaro Classic Seat Office Chair

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Recaro Classic Seat

This Recaro Classic Seat was converted to an office chair by Recaro. It was a display chair for many years. There is a metal plate mounted to the bottom of the seat that measures 17.5 inch x by 12 inch. The base of the office chair is welded to the metal plate bolted to the chair.

1983 Mercedes W126 500SEC AMG Rear Speaker Deck Restoration Project

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AMG Rear Speaker Deck Restoration Project

As part of an ongoing 1983 500SEC AMG restoration project, It is time to restore the rear interior deck. On the AMG option list back in the 1980’s you could select a multiple speaker checklist as an upgrade. This fiberglass interior decklid was completely new. No longer was the first ad kit compartment located on the rear deck. The new fiberglass rear deck included 2 8 inch subswoofers side by side towards the center of the deck and hidden by a rectangle cover. Since bass is omni-directional this worked very well. On each side of the decklid are 4 inch speaker and 2 2 inch tweeters side by side. In total , there are a total of 8 speakers on this deck. My favorite feature of this rear deck are the metal directional fins installed over the 4 inch speakers to direct sound toward the front of the cabin.

Rare Collection of Mercedes Pre Merger Wheels

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Rare Collection of Mercedes Pre Merger Wheels | AMG , Penta, OZ Racing Wheels

Spotted for sale in Chicago is a Rare Collection of Mercedes Pre Merger Wheels. The seller is looking for a serious buyer to purchase all the wheels together. His collection of Pre Merger wheels is incredible especially the super rare Pentas for widebody cars. Here is his inventory list.

Porsche 550 Spyder Wooden Buck Found in California

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Porsche 550 Spyder Wooden Buck

Spotted in California is a Porsche 550 Spyder Wooden Buck for sale. This buck is made of hardwood and displayed at the Murphy Auto Museum in Oxnard. It was used to make individual body pieces for replica Spyders. This was donated to the museum and now they want to make room for a new cars.

Are the buck proportions accurate?

Lot of Porsche 356/911/912 Parts Found in Los Angeles

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Lot of Porsche 356/911/912 Parts

Spotted in Los Angeles, is a lot of Porsche 356/911/912 Parts for $15,000 USD. The seller states has a huge lot of Porsche parts (356, 911 and 92)… 4 x 912 Engine Cases, 1 x 915 Gearbox, Misc. Transmission housings. Countless matching Gear sets, Crankshafts, 912 / 356 Cylinder heads. Camshafts, Carburetors and countless parts, 356, 911 and 912 Air Boxes, Countless Seals, Bearings and other parts. The whole lot was stored for years and years in a shed here in LA. Everything is packed and categorized in 19 huge Storage Bins.

Where do you value this collection?