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1990 BMW E30 M3 Shell Found in Gilroy

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1990 BMW E30 M3 Shell


Spotted in Gilroy, California is a 1990 BMW E30 M3 Shell for $10,000 USD.  The seller states that it is in good condition.  He has the title for the car and calls it a limited number car which I do not know what that means.  The shell is the original color with the M3 Stripes.  He does not have the running gear for the car.   The Interior is out of the car.   There are no accidents on the body and the shell has been sitting for 7  years.

What is your opinion on this shell?

935 Twin Turbo Engines For Sale in Los Angeles

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935 Twin Turbo Engines


Spotted in Los Angeles are 935 Twin Turbo Engines For Sale.    The one of the right is a fresh 3.0 Liter with only dyno time for $185,000 USD.    On the left is a fresh 3.2 with Dyno time only for $185,000 USD.  The 3.2 in the center has already been sold according to the seller.     The car in the back ground is also for sale as well.

What do you think of these engines?

AMG Hammer Build Found in Hayward

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AMG Hammer Build W124


Spotted in Hayward California is an AMG Hammer Build Found in Hayward for $27,500 USD.  The seller has taken a 1994 E320 Coupe and created his version of the iconic AMG Hammer of the 1980s.  His version consists of 500E widebody front fenders and front spoiler along with 500E rear flares and rear bumper.  I prefer the AMG widebody look more but this is his interpretation.   The engine he chose is the AMG C36 which has been fully rebuilt with OEM parts.   The motor has less than 2k on the build and fully documented.   The AC system has been rebuilt along with a new compressor.    A manual transmission was chosen along with a 3.07 LSD.  It also has chrome AMG 3 piece OZ wheels.   The car is said to pass smog in California with no issues.

What do you think of this build?

Porsche 928 Trike Found in Central LA

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Porsche 928 Trike


Spotted in Central LA is a Porsche 928 Trike for sale.   First, I want to pay my respects to the seller who has stage 4 bone cancer and must sell because he can no longer handle the beast.  This is a 5 Liter 350 horsepower engine mounted to an all steel handmade frame.  It has upgraded rear 4 piston brakes with dual front disc brakes.   This trike has an automatic transmission with air ride rear suspension.   It comes with a clean title.  The seller is taking offers.


What do you think is the market value of this trike?

1972 Porsche 911S Found in Boston

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1972 Porsche 911S


Spotted in Boston is a 1972 Porsche 911S for $175,000 USD.  This car is a clean example in excellent condition.  It is matching numbers with full documents and its Porsche Certificate of Authenticity (POA).  The seller states this car has only 70,000 original miles.   It is finished in its original color of Viper Green with black interior.  The car is 1 of 6 know to exist in this color combination.

What do you think of the price?

Italian Delivered 1973 Porsche 911RS Touring Found in England

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Italian Delivered 1973 Porsche 911RS Touring


Spotted in England is an Italian Delivered 1973 Porsche 911RS Touring for €480,000 or $557,450.

• ASi Gold Certificate and independent Porsche appraisal
• History since 1988
• 1988 purchased by current owners (Father & Son – both well known in the classic car world in Italy)
• 3 fully documented pre-owners
• 1974 to 78
• 1978 to 80
• 1981 to 88
• 1988 to 2016
• Italian model, May 1973 with LSD and special seats as production option and original in viper green (1 of 79 in 1973)
• Newly painted 10 years ago, otherwise totally original inside and frame
• Non- matching numbers – the original engine has been replaced before 1988. Current investigation ongoing whether engine has been replaced by Porsche by one of the 3 pre-owners
• The engine is period correct and the correct 2.7RS… This engine is from RS 451 which was originally delivered to Switzerland.
• COA by Porsche is available as well as full documentation on this vehicle

What do you think of this car?

Low Mileage 1988 Mercedes 560SL Found in Maryland

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Low Mileage 1988 Mercedes 560SL

Spotted in Maryland is a Low Mileage 1988 Mercedes 560SL for $33,000 USD.   This time capsule has only 27,012 miles since new.  It looks to be in excellent condition as well as a very desirable color combo.   I never see examples like this with such low miles.  Incredible.

What do you think of the price?

1985 Porsche 930 S Factory Slantnose Found in Gainesville

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1985 Porsche 930 S Factory Slantnose

Spotted in Gainesville, Georgia is a 1985 Porsche 930 S Factory Slantnose for $149,000 USD.   This is 1 of 44 examples produced in 1985.  The sellers states this car came out of Porsche Special Wishes Program.   The color was paint to match with full leather interior and electrically heated sport seats, limited slip differential , 935 front oil cooler, sun roof, air condition, digitial boost gauge, wood dash,  as well as a larger factory intercooler.  The Fuchs wheels are 9″ wide rims with 235 tires in front and 11″ wide rims with 315 tires in the rear.

What do you think of this Slantnose?

1993 Mercedes 500GE Body Found in Netherlands

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1993 Mercedes 500GE Body


Spotted in Netherlands is a 1993 Mercedes 500GE Body for €8,950 Euro.  These are rare 1 year only cars with only 500 examples built in 1993.  This was the first time Mercedes and AMG worked to shove a 240 HP  5.0 V8 M117 into the engine bay.   The majority of these cars were painted purple with a handful of other colors available if the customer requested it.  Mercedes doubted that they could find enough customers willing to pay 200,000 Deutschmarks so they were sold only by word of mouth.   Customers interested would be given silver tie clips with an engraved G silhouette when signing the purchase contracts.   After taking delivery of their new 500GE cars, the customer

What do you think of this car?