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1978 Ferrari 308 GT4 Dino

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1978 Ferrari 308 GT4 Dino


Spotted is a 1978 Ferrari 308 GT4 Dino for $37,500 USD.   The seller states this is a solid driver and driven daily.  This 308 GT4 has been smogged within the last few weeks and has a valid registration until January 2018. Regarding the history of significant work done, both heads were recently rebuilt within the last year. Also, both timing belts and ALL hoses were changed at the same time. The ignition has been upgraded from points to electronic, however both distributors are still in use.  Regarding the body, the paint is in great condition. There are some minor


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2004 Ferrari Challenge Stradale Found in San Francisco

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2004 Ferrari Challenge Stradale


Spotted in San Francisco is a 2004 Ferrari Challenge Stradale for $155,000 USD.   The seller states car was taken care of meticulously.  He has all service records from new. The Challenge Stradale can up up to 243 lbs lighter than a standard 360 Modena due to options like radio delete, plexiglass windows, alcantara fabric, lightened bumpers , sound deadening delete, carbon fiber mirrors.  Resin Transfer Moulding was utilized for the bumpers and skirts, a carry over from the Challenge cars which resulted in lighter bumpers than on the Modena.

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1965 Ferrari 330/P-4 Replica Found in California

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1965 Ferrari 330/P-4 Replica


Spotted in Palm Desert, California is a 1965 Ferrari 330/P-4 Replica for $195,000 USD.   This is a Bailey P-4 Replica.  The seller states that over 350k was spent on the build.  The car uses a Ferrari 400i 12 cylinder engine.  This particular car is legalized for California.   The chassis was built in South Africa by Bailey for $110,000 USD.  

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1972 Ferrari Dino 246 GT Project Found

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1972 Ferrari Dino 246 GT


Spotted is a 1972 Ferrari Dino 246 GT Project for $100,000 USD.   This is a 1972 Ferrari Dino 246 GT project car which will require a full restoration. The car is listed in the Dino registry, it is a USA model LHD – Silver over Black with power windows & Cromodora wheels.  It was owned by the first caretaker from 1972 to 1983. I believe the second owner had the car from 1983 until I acquired the car in 2017.   The engine and transmission are original to the car although not in the car at the moment, and the engine appears to be missing one cylinder head but the cylinder head cover is there. It looks like the PO was in the process of doing engine work while undertaking a restoration based on the manner in which the car is apart.

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1990 Ferrari 348 GTS Challenge Car Found in San Rafael

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1990 Ferrari 348TS Challenge Car


Spotted in San Rafael, California is a 1990 Ferrari 348TS Challenge Car for $74,900 USD.   This car left the factory as a street legal 348 GTS in Nero Black over tan interior.  It was then converted over to Challenge Specs through a dealer installed factory authorized kit requiring 110 man hours.   The kit included a full roll bar, OMP Seats, 4 point harness, fire extinguisher, battery disconnect, and Plexiglas Front Fog Lights for added weight savings.    The A/C compressor was removed form the car.   New under trays were fitted front and rear with brake cooling ducts.  This particular car was never raced and has been consistently maintained.

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1978 Ferrari 308 Factory Special Order Found in Connecticut

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1978 Ferrari 308 Factory Special Order


Spotted in Connecticut is a 1978 Ferrari 308 Factory Special Order  for $73,500 USD.   It was specially ordered from the Factory with white interior, white targa top, white rear louvers, and white head light louvers.  The belt line was also painted white as well.  These special requests by the original owner are documented with paperwork between Ferrari and the buyer.   The car was also ordered with Campagnolo wheels which are more commonly found on the Dino 246.  

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1999 Ferrari 360 Factory Race Car Found in Los Angeles

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1999 Ferrari 360 Factory Race Car


Spotted in Los Angeles is a 1999 Ferrari 360 Factory Race Car for $70,000 USD.  This car was campaigned in the Challenge Cup when new.  You should ask the seller for the proof of documentation.   It came from the factory painted red and is now wrapped in the gulf blue livery seen in the pictures.   The body is straight and the car runs perfectly since being serviced 6 months ago.  It has only 12,000 miles on it.

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1982 Ferrari 512BBi Found in New York

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1982 Ferrari 512BBi


Spotted in New York is a 1982 Ferrari 512BBi for $189,500 USD.   This Ferrari has been under the same ownership for 25 years.  It is in excellent original condition and has 46,000 miles or 75,000 Kilometers.   The car is painted in red with boxer trim and black interior.   The owner has rebuilt the engine 7 years ago and the car runs and drive great.  It looks like its been driven and enjoyed.   It has one of the best looking engine bays of all time. The 356BB, 512BB, or 512BBi is a must have in my collection.

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