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1984 Ferrari 512BBi Found in New York

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1984 Ferrari 512BBi Found  For Sale in New York

California Car | Recent Major Service

This wont last long at all.  Here is a 1984 Ferrari 512BBi with only 9,000 miles.   So few cars can qualify for California making this car a rare breed.    The dealer says this has been owned since 1987 and includes its manual, jack, and spare.  Im happy to hear the major service was recently performed with the service receipt included.   It was sitting for a very long time prior to getting its service.   This really wont last long , its an amazing low mileage car.   I am very tempted myself.

1985 Ferrari Testarossa Monospecchio Found in San Francisco

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1985 Ferrari Testarossa Monospecchio For Sale in San Francisco
US Spec Car

This 1985 Ferrari Testarossa Monospecchio (Flying Mirror) car is 1 of 122 produced for the USA market in 1985.   It is believed this is the 3rd US spec car imported to USA.   It has 69,400 miles and has been enjoyed its entire life.   The car will need an engine out service so factor another $10,000 for that big maintenance.    This is a California car and passes strict emissions for this state.   It has a clean title with no lien.   A solid driver in a rare color.   I think the Monospecchio cars will continue to appreciate in the next few years.  What a great license plate for a 512TR.  Not sure why he assigned it to this car but still cool ! | Working Projects: 1985 Ferrari Testarossa and 1995 Ferrari 348 Spyder

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Working Projects

These are 2 working projects on my plate.  Both will receive the Big Engine Out Service which will be detailed here in the future.  I am hoping there will beno big surprises but will be worthwhile fun and interesting adventure to say the least.  Can’t wait to dig in and get started!

1985 Ferrari Testarossa Flying Mirror
1995 Ferrari 348 Spyder

Comparison of a Ferrari Testarossa Luggage Set and a Ferrari 512TR Luggage Set

Side by Side Comparison of the Ferrari Testarossa Luggage Set and the Ferrari 512TR Luggage Set

The Ferrari Testarossa first appeared on in the USA  in 1985 starting with the 2 year only Flying Mirror version and subsequent variations after that.   Overall the Testarossa model  was produced from 1985 to 1991.   During these production years, Ferrari offered custom fitted Testarossa luggage by Schedoni.    Some would say the Ferrari 512TR model is just a continuation of the Testarossa but I think the 512TR should be considered a separate model all together due to the enormous number of changes and improvements made on these cars for 1992 through 1994.    Many believe the luggage found in both the Testarossa and 512TR are the same but are in fact very different.

1995 Ferrari F50 Found in Florida

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1995 Ferrari F50 Found in Florida
VIN ZFFTG46A7S0104120
Odometer: 8,027 Miiles

This ultra rare Ferrari 1995 F50 is for sale in Florida.   They are asking $2,395,000 US Dollars.  It has 8,000 miles on it and looks to be in excellent shape.   Just as a side note, Mike Tyson’s Ferrari F50 will be going up for auction this year at Amelia Island which has a projected price of $2,400,000 USD.  They expect a 1 million dollar premium for being Mike Tyson’s car.    I dont know where that would put other F50 examples without a pedigree but it sounds like the seller is asking top dollar.   Just as a reference,  a 1995 F50 sold in Monterey ( No. ZFFTG46AXS0104063 / Assembly No 21127) in 2015 for $1,980,000.


Only 349 examples were built and 50 made it to the USA.

Given the choice: Would you take an F40 or F50?


Black 1994 Ferrari 348 Spyder For Sale in Florida

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Black 1994 Ferrari 348 Spyder For Sale
Location: Deerfield Beach, Florida
Odometer: 44,000 Miles

This is a late model Ferrari 348 spyder found  in Florida.   The seller states the belt service was just done.  He also has all the service records including tools and books.   The mileage is not terrible at 44,000 miles but to many buyers that is double what is acceptable on a Ferrari.   This would be a fun toy for someone looking for an affordable Ferrari and as a bonus it’s a convertible!  If the belt service was done properly, then you are ahead of the game.   These cars are growing on me.  I think they are a lot of fun to drive.

For this price range, would you consider buying a 348 Spyder or a Mondial T?


1992 Ferrari 348 TB Serie Speciale For Sale in New Jersey

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1992 Ferrari 348 TB Serie Speciale For Sale in New Jersey
Location: New Jersey
Number 19 of 100 Examples
VIN  ZFFRG35AXN0093950
What are your thoughts on this car? and the price?

I dont love the Ferrari 348 models as much as the others but this looks like a fun special little car.   This is the Serie Speciale variation of the 348 in which only 100 examples were produced.   Of those 100 it is believed that only 35 were TB coupes.  The 65 other Serie Speciale were TS examples which were targa versions.    Of course the targa was less desirable for track use.

The owner knows he has something special and has always taken care of it accordingly.   All services including the engine out service, belt tensioners, and fluid changes have been done only 2,119 miles ago.  It has a new clutch, pressure plate, and throw out bearing have been installed.    The seller says the original window sticker is included and shows its purchase price of $111,000 US Dollars in 1992.

What I really like about this car is the super rare Carbon Kevlar F40 type sports seats.   There is a special ID plate on the passenger door showing this car is #19 of 100.

2008 Ferrari F430 Challenge Car For Sale in San Francisco

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2008 Ferrari F430 Challenge Car For Sale
Location:  San Francisco
Not Street Legal
VIN: ZFFEX63X000158765

Another Ferrari F430 Challenge car for sale.   This is a  2008 Ferrari F430 Challenge Car (NOT STREET LEGAL) is freshly painted and ready to go! The perfect serious track day car or can be entered in the Tifosi Challenge Race Series.

The F430 Challenge cars were raced in the Ferrari Challenge Series from 2006-2011 . Ferrari 355 Challenge cars are trading hands above $160,000  so keep an eye on the F430 Challenge  car market.

The car was maintained by R3 Racing in LA, and has had numerous items replaced during its race life, as is the case for well-maintained race cars. The car has been lightly driven in the last 5 years, used very occasionally and gently as a track day car. During its racing career, this car set the track record at Montreal while under the ownership of the previous driver, Harry Chueng. The car now has 8,997 miles on it, or 14,510 kilometers, 60% remaining clutch life, front rotors are 59% worn (41% remaining), rear rotors are 20% worn (80% remaining) pads are nearly new. Included with the car are the hard and soft shocks, springs and sway bars, windows, and a second set of wheels with rain tyres on them.

Would do you think of these Challenge Cars?

2006 Ferrari F430 Challenge Car For Sale in San Francisco

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2006 Ferrari F430 Challenge Car For Sale
Location: San Francisco
Race ready, spare wheels, sport seats, passenger seats, excellent condition

This Rosso Barchetta F430 is in excellent, race ready condition, and primed for track use.  This car has been well maintained and sparingly used. The prior owner was an elderly Florida based gentleman who trotted the car out for the occasional track day merely to provide rides for pretty ladies. Our customer had the car thoroughly inspected, used it at several private events, then decided it wasn’t an optimal fit for his collection. The car has again been thoroughly inspected, and is now ready for a new garage.

In Ferrari Challenge style, this car has the following:
-6 speed paddle shift transmission
-Roll cage
-Racing seats
-Carbon brakes
-Center lock wheels
-Passenger seat with harness
-Ferrari factory digital dash and data acquisition