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1964 Aston Martin DB5 Convertible Found for Sale in Connecticut

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1964 Aston Martin DB5 Convertible Found for Sale
Location: Connecticut

This is a super rare Aston Martin DB5 Convertible.   Seller states its a matching numbers car with ID tags for confirmation.  Also this car comes Air Conditioning which is a very rare option for these cars.  Only 123 convertible DB5 were built.  They did not use the “Volante” name until 1965.   The convertibles were built only from 1963 to 1965.   As you probably already know the DB5 prices are skyrocketed to $750,000 USD or more.   These are such iconic cars and finding a convertible to buy is just an incredibly rare opportunity.

  • Originally 19 of the 123 DB5 Convertibles were left hand drive
  • 12 cars were fitted with a factory Vantage engine
  • At least 1 convertible was factory fitted with DB6 specification Vantage engine
  • A rare factory option fitted by Works Service prior to customer delivery was a steel removable hard top
  • From October 1965 to October 1966,  Aston Martin took the last 37 DB5 chassis to make another convertible model.   These 37 cars are referred to as “Short Chassis” Volantes.  They are the first to carry the Volante convertible name.

Aston Martin DB5 Project

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Aston Martin DB5 Project

I went to see my friend’s Aston Martin Project today and 1 of his 5 German Shepherds was waiting to greet me.    I wanted to see how the restoration has been coming along.   It looks amazing in bare metal.    This project is an Aston Martin DB5 that has been taken down to bare aluminum for a full restoration.    The Body repairs are close to being done.   In the past 3 years, these cars have skyrocketed in price.   It seems like only yesterday they were going for $100,000 and now they are $600,000 plus!  Its such a beautiful car and I cant wait until its completed.


1993 Bentley Continental R Coupe For Sale in Los Angeles

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1993 Bentley Continental R Coupe For Sale
Location: Los Angeles
Color: British Racing Green
Engine: 6.75 Liter Garrett-turbocharged engine
Transmission: GM 4L80-E automatic

Anyone looking for a Bentley Continental R in iconic British racing green?   Here is a clean example and the first Bentley to feature a body not shared with a Rolls Royce model since the S3 Continental of 1965.   When this car was launched in 1993 this was considered the fastest, and most powerful Bentley every made and held the title as the most expensive production car in the world.   You would have to buy this car new in 1993 for $222,000 dollars

  • Launched in 1991
  • 1996 model year: liquid cooled chargecooler and improved engine management/ Revised 17″ alloy wheels
  • 1998 model year: added electronic traction assistance and some cosmetic changes/  Seats now same as Bentley Azure.  Other revisions included small mesh vents below the headlights, laser-cut mesh radiator grill as standard, revised alloy wheels and minor changes to front and rear bumpers

Production Numbers:

Continental R= 1236 examples

Continental T= 350 examples

Anyone ever want to own a Continental R?  Your Thoughts!


1994 NAS Land Rover Defender 90 Project for Sale in Boston

1994 NAS Land Rover Defender Project for Sale
Location: Boston

The cult following that the Land Rover Defender 90 has is incredibly strong.   These are very capable off road vehicles and look beautiful.   There is an Arles Blue one in my area that I am dying to make the owner an offer for.   I had a 1995 Beluga black Defender 90  that had multiple tops and a surf rack.   It was No. 2001 and I would love to be reunited with my old car.

This British Racing Green Defender 90 looks like a tired basket case that has been sitting for a long time.   It sits in Boston in a side yard waiting for a more loving owner.    The front tires are  flat and the front grille  and lights  have been removed.   I would like to see more of this car and find out what its needs are.  It would be a shame for this to be parted out.  The price seems optimistic for a car that needs a total restoration but time will tell.   I am sure it is not an easy project or this car would be put on the road and for sale at twice the price.

1967 Jaguar XKE Front Bonnet For Sale

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1967 Jaguar XKE Front Bonnet For Sale
Location: Los Angeles
Price:  $2,000 Or Best Offer

This is a front hood or front bonnet for a 1967 Jaguar XKE.   There is damage to the passenger side which can be repaired.  The driver side headlamp cover is intact.   There maybe someone in the world that needs piece to complete a XKE restoration project.

1978 LOTUS ESPRIT GROUP 5 Race Car For Sale

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Location: Mesa, Arizona

This is a 1978 Lotus Esprit Group 5 Race Car for sale in Mesa, Arizona.   The seller states that the car came off the race track in 1995 and put away in dry storage.   It was purchased by the current owner in 2013 and started documenting the car and restoration.   The FIA certification began in early 2014 after inspection by the FIA Technician.   A complete nut and bolt restoration was started as well.

  • The car comes with an extensive mount of spares including wheels and gear sets.
  • All the suspension has been rebuilt and ready to go back in the car.
  • The Body has undergone an extensive restoration
  • All parts have been nickel plated and/ or powder coated
  • All alloy parts have been polished


1998 Bentley Continental T For Sale in California

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1998 Bentley Continental T For Sale
Location: Marina Del Rey, California
Engine:6.8L V8 OHV 16V TURBO

This Bentley Continental T Coupe is a short wheel base version of the Continental R.   It had slightly more power and torque and tighter handling .  This particular car is  crimson with tan interior.  It has 71,000 miles from new and only 1 owner.    It was originally sold at Beverly Hills Rolls Royce on 6.8.1998 to Will Smith.   It was serviced for the last 14 years by Scott Motors in West Los Angeles.   Around $14,000 dollars was spent on a valve job and radiator within the last year.

The Continental T Coupe was built from 1996-2002 with only 322 examples produced in total.


Jaguar XKE Series 1 E-Type Front Hood Aluminum

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 Jaguar XKE Series 1 E-Type Front Hood Aluminum
Location: Warszawa, Poland

As you know more restorations are taking place in Eastern Europe like Poland where the skills and level of craftsmanship are high.   If you have an Jaguar XKE that was involved in an front end accident, you can now order a brand new aluminum alloy front bonnet from Warszawa, Poland.   It is nice to know they are making these body parts to support these cars.  I do see many restorations going on at the moment.   All I ever heard growing up was how unreliable these cars were and to stay away.   There time has come and enthusiasts are rediscovering these cars again the last 4 years.   All the problems associated with these cars are now sorted out with improved and superior parts solutions.  These are truly some of the most beautiful cars in the world.


Price $8,750 US Dollars
Shipping is free in the USA

1977 Lotus Esprit S1 Parts Car for Sale in New Jersey

1977 Lotus Esprit S1 Parts Car for Sale in New Jersey
Location: Haddon Heights, New Jersey
VIN  127H

This 1977 Lotus Esprit S1 parts car can be found for sale in New Jersey.  It only comes with the bill of sale only.   There must be someone doing a restoration on an Esprit S1 that could use some parts from this car.   It has Wolfrace Wheels and there is a Buick V8 engine block currently in car.  The seller made an attempt to turn it into a convertible.  Not sure why though.

Is anyone working on a Esprit S1 restoration?