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1990 BMW E30 M3 2.5L

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1990 BMW E30 M3 2.5L

Spotted today a 1990 BMW E30 M3 2.5L for $25,000 USD. I normally would not look at salvage titled cars but this one has something of interest to me. The seller states this car has a stroked 2.5 Evo Engine putting out 280hp. Of course, I would want to see documentation and get a PPI before entering a deal like this. I would love to have a 2.5 engine to put into an E30 M3 for track purposes.

What should the price be?
What you consider a salvage titled car?

1987 BMW M6 E24 Found in San Mateo

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1987 BMW M6 E24

Spotted in San Mateo is a 1987 BMW M6 E24 for $17,500 USD. BMW M6 prices have been climbing for good low mileage cars but here is one that has 179,200 miles. There are only 1,700 US SPEC M6s produced with maybe half that are survivors. The seller states this is a 2 owner car with original royal blue metallic paint and Lotus White interior. All VIN stickers match as well as all the glass. This is a probably my favorite color combination. The engine is said to run well and the transmission shifts well. The wheels are 17 x 8.5 Axis with Sumitomo tires.

Would you buy an M6 with such high mileage?

1969 BMW 2002 Race Car Found in San Francisco

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BMW 2002 Race Car


Spotted in San Francisco is a 1969 BMW 2002 Race Car for $19,500 USD.  This car raced with the San Francisco Region SCCA from 1994 to 2014.  It has had numerous  ITB Championships and over 50 class victories as well as  LAP records at Laguna, Sonoma, and Thunderhill.  The motor was built by Terry Tinney and the car includes a spare block, head, differential, and 3 sets of wheels.   It is currently licensed in California but is under non-op status.   The seller states this is an extra nice car cosmetically with a very straight body and always well maintained.   I have always wanted a BMW 2002 street car but maybe a sorted out race car would be a better option.

What do you think of this car?

1989 BMW E30 M3 Found in Hollywood

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1989 BMW E30 M3


Spotted in Hollywood, California is a 1989 BMW E30 M3 for $35,000 USD.  This seems to be a clean car with all matching panels.   The seller states this car has 210,000 Miles on it.   He also has a lot of paperwork from the mid-1990s until present day.  He seems to only want to communicate by email.

Is this Salmon Silver Metallic or Sterling Silver Metallic?

1990 BMW E30 M3 Shell Found in Gilroy

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1990 BMW E30 M3 Shell


Spotted in Gilroy, California is a 1990 BMW E30 M3 Shell for $10,000 USD.  The seller states that it is in good condition.  He has the title for the car and calls it a limited number car which I do not know what that means.  The shell is the original color with the M3 Stripes.  He does not have the running gear for the car.   The Interior is out of the car.   There are no accidents on the body and the shell has been sitting for 7  years.

What is your opinion on this shell?

BMW M3 E30 S14 2.5 LITER Engine Block Found in South Carolina

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BMW M3 E30 S14 2.5 LITER Engine Block


Spotted in South Carolina is a BMW M3 E30 S14 2.5 LITER Engine Block for $8,900 USD.   This is so rare and probably one of the last existing and available 2.5 Liter Sport EVO Engine block in the world. This would be an upgrade engine to a stock M3 E30 which comes stock with a 2.3 Liter Engine.

New, original 2.5 L, S14, BMW Motorsport Engine Block in “standard size” of 95.00 mm.

The Engine Block does not include pistons.

What do you think of this S14 Engin

Collector Quality 1988 BMW E30 M3

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Collector Quality 1988 BMW E30 M3


Spotted is a 1988 BMW E30 M3 for $60,995 USD.  This car has only 35,585 Miles and is Diamond Schwartz Black over black interior.  This is a euro spec M3 that is 100% stock.  It has all original body panels as well as all service documentation and paperwork since 1994.  The exterior paint is original, has an awesome finish with few notable defects or flaws. The interior is well-kept and shows amazing with a crack-free dash, supple leather, and no significant wear areas. This 2-owner vehicle was originally purchased in Europe where it spent a good majority of its life before being imported to Japan to be displayed

What you modify such a good example?

1967 BMW 2000 CS Alpina Edition

1967 BMW 2000 CS Alpina Edition


Spotted is a 1967 BMW 2000 CS Alpina Edition.  This Alpina has had the same owner for 30+ years.  This car has the European headlights.  The car is believed to be in good condition and runs.   The seller wants you to submit offers and is open to price.  No asking price is discussed.

What do you think the market price should be?

1954 BMW 500cc Rennsport Grand Prix Racer Found in Ojai

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1954 BMW 500cc Rennsport Grand Prix Racer


Spotted in Ojai, California is a 1954 BMW 500cc Rennsport Grand Prix Racer for $89,900 USD.   This is a very rare and desirable BMW racer with a top speed of 143 mph.  Dual overhead race cams per cylinder head, Hubacher cylinders and five speed transmission. This racer sports a four shoe front brake drum, Ceriani telescopic front forks, Del Lorto carburetors, aluminum fuel tank and remanufactured frame. There were only 24 Rennsports produced by the factory along with 24 spare engines.

What do you think of this motorcycle?