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1968 AMX: Rare American Motors “Von Piranha” Edition

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1968 AMX: Rare American Motors “Von Piranha” Edition

Location: Salina, Kansas

8 cylinders/ 390 Cubic Inch Motor

Odometer: 24,700 Miles

Transmission: Automatic

Price: $39,900 US Dollars


This is a rare car of which this is only 1 of 22 built by Thoroughbred Motors in Denver, Colorado for select AMC Dealerships in the Colorado Region.  The car was stored in a shop in Colorado for over 30 years.     In January of this year ( 2016),  this car was advertised for $34,900.   Its an interesting car and obviously very rare.

The seller is offering free enclosed shipping to the buyer.

1955 Powell Truck

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1955 Powell Truck

6 cylinders

Rear Wheel Drive

Manual Transmission


Rebuilt Title

Price $9,000 US dollars

I dont think I have ever seen a Powell Truck or ever heard of one. Only 1 picture was given in the ad. This car was built by the Powell Manufacturing Company in Compton, California. PMC was widely known for motor scooters that were popular in the 1940s. Between September 1954 and March 1957 they manufactured Sport Wagons. They were built on modified Plymouth chassis. Overall PMC built approximately 1,200 pickup trucks total. Its always fun for me to do research on a car that may not be an appreciating classic but something that deserves to be recognized as automotive history.

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In Motor Life magazine, Oct 1955 issue, the PMC truck was called “an obvious choice as one of the most interesting and unique automobiles in the U.S.”

In the February 1956 issue of Motor Trend, magazine co-founder Walt Woron concluded his article: “The Powell Brothers, then, have succeeded in their purpose: to provide a vehicle that ‘… can’t be beat for general utility…[that makes] the perfect runabout or 2nd family car…'”


1968 Plymouth GTX Convertible

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1968 Plymouth GTX Convertible

Location: Brooklyn, New York
Numbers Matching with date coded matching 440CI Big Block
Not a Clone

Price $29,500

This is a 7.2 Liter 440 cubic inch V8 engine car also known as the Super Commando 440. This engine is rated at 375 horsepower. Performance was 6.5 seconds and a quarter mile of 15.2 seconds at 97 mph. Another option was to pay $546 US Dollar to get a 426 cubic inch 7.0 Liter Hemi engine. This option was called the Elephant. The 426 Hemi could do 0-60 mph in 4.8 seconds and a quarter mile in 13.5 seconds at 105 mph.

1989 Ford Mustang Saleen SSC

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1989 Ford Mustang Saleen SSC  ( 1 of 161 )

Here is an interesting find in Riverside, Ca.    Only 161 examples of the Saleen SSC (Saleen Super Car) were made.  If you were a fan of Saleen Mustangs in the 80’s this was an exciting and rare car.

Price $25,000

Mileage: 22k