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1983 Aquila 2800 Found in Illinois

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1983 Aquila 2800

Here is a 1983 Aquila 2800 for sale in Lansing, Illinois.   This is a 1 off custom show car built by a NASA  aeronaurtical engineer named Bill Ewing.   He built this car out of his home shop in California.    His intention was to over engineer every component for lasting fucntion.   It has 34,000 miles and uses a 2.8 Mercury V6 engine more commonly found in the Ford Mustang.

1989 Saleen SSC Mustang #130 Last One Built

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1989 Saleen SSC Mustang  #130  Last One Built

This 1989 Saleen SSC Mustang is  numbered 130 which means it is the last one ever built.   This car sold for $18,500 in Skagit, Washington.  The first person that came to look at it bought it right away.   This price is on the low side given the low mileage and condition.  Another one sold this year at Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale sold for $41,800.

I just wanted to document this car  and say the new owner got an amazing deal!

1968 Shelby GT500 Convertible For Sale in San Francisco

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1968 Shelby GT500 Convertible For Sale
Location: San Jose, California
Matching Numbers
Odometer: 66,000 Original Miles
Former Playboy Playmate Car in the 1970’s

Here is a 1968 Shelby GT500 Convertible for sale in the San Francisco area.   It is a matching number example and rare with only 402 convertibles made in 1968.   Seller states this car is even more rare due to its serial number indicating it was built in 1967.   I recently came across a white GT500 for sale for $180,000 so this maybe a good deal.    I have never seen this color on a Shelby but its stunning.  It is a gold color that was rarely ordered when new.   The car has been reprayed once before and the top was changed from white to black.    This car has also been part of the Shelby Registry for over 30 years and has only 66,000 original miles.


What are your thoughts on this car?


1969 Chevrolet Camaro RS/SS-L48 “Extremely Rare”

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 1969 Chevrolet Camaro RS/SS-L48 “Extremely Rare”
Location: Alburquerque, New Mexico
Rare Azure Blue

This rare Chevrolet Camaro car with 28 factory options sold on December 12, 1968 to Patricia Murray from Huntington Beach, California .  It was purchased at Fletcher Chevrolet in Encino, California for $4,590.24.   The Chevrolet Corvette & Ford Shelby GT500 sold for the same price in ’69.  The ’69 Z28 sold for less. Only the ’69 Yenko & Zl1 sold for more.


Seller states  it was ordered with 28 factory options. Many of which are extremely rare. Not only is this the most highly (Factory) rare optioned ’69 Camaro ever built, it is the most highly rare optioned First Gen period.   Not once has one showed up with this many rare options, all in one package.

Having all these options in a First Gen Camaro is enough to satisfy any First Gen enthusiast, but what really sets this car apart from all the rest is it’s “Special Order Paint” option: GM Paint Code 80; “Powder Blue”. This is the only

2013 Perana Z-One For Sale in Los Angeles

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2013 Perana Z-One For Sale
Location:  Los Angeles, California

The Perana Z-One is built by coachbuilders Zagato and Perana Performance Group.  They are a south african vehicle manufacturer.   This is 1 of 7 in the USA.   They are based off of the 6th generation Corvette.    There will only be 999 cars built per year to assure exclusivity.   Zagato has opened a new design center in the heart of car culture in Santa Monica, California.    This is where the Perana Z-One was designed and styled.   It would be interesting to get a close look at one of these cars.   I am curious if it still feels like a corvette.

Would you want one of these in your garage?



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Location: East Bay, San Francisco
Price $32,000 US Dollars but negotiable


It seems a lot of american track cars have been coming out of the wood work lately.    This is a 1980 -1981  Chevrolet Corvette has  a total of 6 – 1981 TRANS-AM RACE FINISHES.   It comes with all log books and set up sheets. many spare parts, includes stock engine, heads, spare wheels.

Car is a “roller” and sold As-Is: Price negotiable as I have many other racing parts as well. This is a “barn-find” and just as it came off the race track from it’s last race in 1984.  Seller states this car is period correct  for use in Vintage Sanctioned race groups including SCCA and VARA.   There is no crash history and all the original parts are there ready to be inspected and upgraded where safety is concerned.   For example:  fire bottle, seat belts, window net, and fuel cell liner (can is O.K. ) set up is currently for dry sump.

What engine would you put into this car?

1954 Arnolt-Bristol Bolide Deluxe Roadster by Bertone

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For Reference

1954 Arnolt-Bristol Bolide Deluxe Roadster by Bertone

Sold at Sotheby’s Auction Monterey on August 2016 for $445,000 US Dollars

Chassis no. 404/X/3075
Engine no. BS1/MKII/278
Body no. 5876

Arnolt-Bristols were built largely by hand and in limited quantities, just 142 were constructed over a period of seven years, with 130 being sold, as 12 were destroyed in a Chicago warehouse fire.

The car offered here is one of approximately 80 Arnolt-Bristols that remain extant today. According to its restorer, Jack Farland, it began life as one of two cars owned by a husband and wife who fancied themselves club racers. The couple sold his car in the late 1950s to another enthusiast in Illinois, George Adamaek. Mr. Adamaek raced the car until 1966, then stored it in his garage for nearly five decades before selling it to Mr. Farland, who passed it thereafter to the consignor.

Farland Classic Restoration of Englewood, Colorado, then undertook a meticulous nut-and-bolt restoration of the car to its original condition, reportedly taking approximately 6,000 hours. The car was completely disassembled,

Mustang Boss 302 Vintage Race Car spotted in California

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Mustang Boss 302 Vintage Race Car

Location: Yorba Linda, Ca

Price: $135,000 US Dollars

A real BOSS 302 Mustang that has spent its entire life as a race car. Seller has documentation and old photos of this car in its racing career. It has a rare Bud Moore Manifold and has gone through extensive development to be competitive. Currently ready to race for 2017 season.