1995 Ferrari F50 Found in Florida

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1995 Ferrari F50 Found in Florida
VIN ZFFTG46A7S0104120
Odometer: 8,027 Miiles

This ultra rare Ferrari 1995 F50 is for sale in Florida.   They are asking $2,395,000 US Dollars.  It has 8,000 miles on it and looks to be in excellent shape.   Just as a side note, Mike Tyson’s Ferrari F50 will be going up for auction this year at Amelia Island which has a projected price of $2,400,000 USD.  They expect a 1 million dollar premium for being Mike Tyson’s car.    I dont know where that would put other F50 examples without a pedigree but it sounds like the seller is asking top dollar.   Just as a reference,  a 1995 F50 sold in Monterey ( No. ZFFTG46AXS0104063 / Assembly No 21127) in 2015 for $1,980,000.


Only 349 examples were built and 50 made it to the USA.

Given the choice: Would you take an F40 or F50?


1986 Kaiserova C12 Found in Germany

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1986 Kaiserova C12 Found for Sale
Location: Munich, Germany

This is a 1986 Kaiserova C12 that is for sale in Munich Germany.   It was built in 1985 in Austria and seems to be a 1 off car.  It even has a badge that says this is Number 1.    The BMW 5.0 Liter 12 cylinder engine produces 360 horsepower.  It has a clean title.    There is a picture showing the roof off.   Not sure how simple it is easy to convert to open top driving.  Doesnt seem like something you can do quickly if you got caught int he rain.   Not much is known about this car or its builder.

Can anyone share more info on this car?