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1974 Porsche 911 RSR Clone Found in Texas

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1974 Porsche 911 RSR Clone Found in Texas

Here is a 1974 Porsche 911 RSR Clone Race Car thats has been freshly painted in IROC RSR Gulf Blue Livery  and ready to be finished as a track car.   It is for sale just outside of Austin, Texas.   Its is a real Euro Carrera 1974 body!    It has a history of being raced in the 1980’s but the specifics are unknown.  For all we know he could have just taken it around the block a few times.  It has a clear title and registered as an antique.  The seller has reduced the price due to some paint damage while it sat in storage for 2.5 years.    Looks like this was a labor of love that just couldnt get completed.   His loss is your gain.  Looks like a project with a lot of potential.  The seller does not include the engine in the price but has one for sale a 1974 930 3.3 liter engine with a 930 4 speed transmission for an additional $21,000 USD.

Nascar (welded) cage (originally a bolt-in, welded in-place, then fortified) Dzus fastened all panels except hood (alum spring-pop releases) and tail (rubber/snap pin)
Front & rear bumper cover are Dzus as well Top is original steel, opened in 2 small sections & re-closed/welded to facilitate cage welding at top.
Bottom pan, top & pillars are original
Front & Rear firewalls are riveted sheet metal steel and some panels are removable for dry-sump, motor access.
RSR bilstein Coilovers all 4 corners (no torsions). Top-mount Speedway slide-adjustable swaybars front & rear
-16 oil cooling system: New -16AN Mocal t-stat, -16AN 27x7x4 dual-pass oil cooler, racing Fram -16AN oil filter housing

-16an Alum. breather, -16an braided hoses, dry sump, and most -16AN fittings + cloth-braided black hose all included; all needs mounting except dry sump tank already installed (ran before).

Fuel cell already mounted, secured. No fuel lines are currently run (since painting) but fittings and new dual pumps are provided.
Wheels are 16×9.5 Fuchs replicas painted in Gulf Orange
Custom Speedhut gauges on a laser-cut aluminum-shaped suede-covered panel with warning lights, large oil pressure LED warning light, start button, all wired up.
Quick-release steering wheel already mounted/provided.
New fire suppression bottle, hose, new battery cabling (light weight), new Odyssey battery (680)
NOS Recaro Seats on Recaro sliders & mounts; both seats. NOS 6-pt cam-lock harnesses
Lexan all purchased, but not cut nor installed yet. Plenty of misc. parts.
~14k in body and paint work; most graphics installed for both IROC and Gulf Liveries

Also available: built 930 3.3 with Megasquirt EFI (tuned), complete & ready to be installed with 930 4-speed gearbox for an extra $21k

VIN 9114600071
Price $28,000 USD
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