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1937 Horch 930 V Cabriolet Found in New York

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1937 Horch 930 V Cabriolet

Spotted in New York is a 1937 Horch 930 V Cabriolet for $189,500 USD.  August Horch  build highly desirable cars that rivaled Mercedes Benz .  Interestingly, the latin translation of Horch is Audi which means “Listen!”  In 1932 Horch and Audi merged with Zschopauer Motrenwerke and the Wanderer car production facilities to become Auto Union.  These highly collectibles vehicles are extremely rare.  I was fortunate enough to see one at Pebble Beach.   There was a time where I was given the opportunity to buy a barn find Horch minus the engine.  The seller decided not to sell given the extremely interest in his car.  This 1937 Horch 930 V Cabriolet is an incredibly rare and elusive discovery and the ideal pre-war restoration candidate. Yellow and black with original upholstery. This extremely original Horch was parked in 1964 and has been sitting in a garage ever since. V8 engine and 4-speed with overdrive. The motor turns freely. The engine bay is completely intact and is only missing its radiator. The car is also very solid with only superficial surface corrosion. A fascinating and exciting pre-war discovery. A once and a lifetime opportunity to own what’s likely one of the last un-restored Horch cabriolets in existence. 

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Price $189,500 USD

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Engine: 8-cylinder in V arrangement
Displacement: 3,517 cc (1937-1938), 3,823 cc (1938-1940)
Power: 82 hp at 3,600 rpm (3.5 l), 92 hp at 3,600 rpm (3.8 l)
Maximum speed: 130 km/h
Fuel consumption: 18 litres/100 km
Price: 9,700 Reichsmarks
Series: 1937-1940
Production: 1,991 cars  1937 Horch 930 V Cabriolet Found in New York   1  1937 Horch 930 V Cabriolet Found in New York   2  1937 Horch 930 V Cabriolet Found in New York   3  1937 Horch 930 V Cabriolet Found in New York   4

1 Response
  • Paul Budnowski
    July 25, 2018

    Hi, could you please send me more detailed photos fo tte Horch 930V?
    I am interested on front and rear axels photos, because there are often not original.
    Thanks a lot
    best regards Paul

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